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Ehab Jun 2018
Man and the philosopher's stone
Some wishes are better left unfulfilled
An attachment to life or a trepidation of death
Perhaps it's merely a weakness of faith
The desire to prolong the struggle that is life
Are aeons on earth even worth it?

One more day, one more month, one more year
It is never enough
For man is a greedy creature
He always wants more
Even when it is beyond the realm of the possibility
He hopes for a miracle

The emotional conflict
So gorgeous it is painful
Those electric blue eyes
It's all deception and lies
Yet somehow they ignited unfathomable feelings in his guts
That are slowly turning into an exquisite agony
Man is afraid his love for life is slowly turning into an obsession

Ultimate escape from this worldly life
Away from all the vice and violence
Eternal rest will be indeed so serene, so peaceful
Yet life is so **** beautiful
Call it naivety or lunacy
Man can't help but crave the latter
This is the first proper poem I wrote. Feedback would be appreciated.
Based on the Demon, Saerys,  from love and legends.
Talon Robinson Apr 2018
Who are you
Who do you think you are
Such a beauty
Making me feel quite odd
You're so out of reach
Yet within an arms reach
A look so complex
Yet so simple
A super cliche name
That fits you perfectly
I sound so struck
Yet you haven't attacked
You say let's take it slow
All I can say is how slow
You don't know it
But you mean a lot if this happens
If I make a poem because of you
soliana Mar 2018
in most pixar movies
or probably in the reality there is
we dont get what we want
we get what we deserve
and even though
we get what we want
its the will
to find what we deserve

and im ever so lucky to find it with you.
7:33 PM
She walks upon a higher ground
this I know
yet I allow my eye to wander
my mind to imagine
she does not choose to be there
it is simply how it is
she knows not her place
yet resides there alone
my soul, my heart meet her eyes
and in this deep well of rich blue
she reads me, absorbs me
as if I were a book lay open

I pity the next lonely gent
who dare look into those eyes
and not turn away
saving his heart for another
Speak easy
Hit the peace pipe
Hate is fleeting

Don't make a peep
Hear the sounds
Draining around you
Feel my silk skin
And forget




Dear blood of my blood
Moon and my stars,
Do you really
Have what it takes
..To be wild
Truly and irrevocably wild
With me
And Leave everything behind
Sometimes I doubt if I do
But I need to be your hero
So there's no room for second guessing
All there is to do is just
Lately I've been booting with leaving society like I've always wanted, bit fear and anxiety get in the way. And starting a new relationship during all this is not the best idea .. But i know I've been given this prize for a reason and it's always easier and more fun with a partner. Hopefully I'll find out the know-how here shortly
Brent Kincaid Nov 2017
I’m as happy as a billionaire
Counting money in his vault.
I’m as silly as a circus clown
And it's surely all love's fault.
I’m as ***** as a diplomat
Who doesn’t know his facts
And still runs his mouth off.
But that’s just how I act.

Being in love is making me
Act like I have lost my mind.
I’m not crazy, I’m in love
So, please everyone be kind.

I keep on giggling and I know
People think I’ve gone goofy.
There’s a huge smile on my face
And I”m quite sure I look loopy.
I babble like a fool on drugs.
And skip and dance instead of walk.
I’m sure I sound like a big dope
And make no sense when I talk.

Being in love is making me
Act like a bull goose loon.
It’s a pleasant kind of madness
I hope it's not over soon.

Everything looks good to me
When seen through eyes of love.
I like rain and sunshine and all
The gifts from high above
As well as the joys one finds
Just walking through the day.
It’s not my fault, I do insist.
Love has made me this way.

Being in love is making me
Act like I have lost my mind.
I’m not crazy, I’m in love
So, please everyone be kind.
Sigyn Oct 2017
The way your eyes glow.
The way your smile shines.
The way your skin feels
It makes you perfect.

The way the scars lay.
The way the lies sting.
The way the heart breaks.
It makes you imperfect.

The way your voice sounds.
The way your lips move.
The way you say those words.
It makes you perfect.

The way you hide.
The way you keep secrets.
The way you fight others.
It makes you imperfect.

And the way you show me,
That you are lonley.
The way you make me,
Feel with you.

All of these perfect imperfections
Just make me love you more.
And the thought of you leaving,
Tears me anew.

I love you.
I made this for my boyfriend
Ali Qureshi Mar 2017
Why don’t you come to me?
Come and stay, by my side.
Stay and smile, at my side.
Smile and brighten, up my day.
Come to me and, stay you may.

Wishing on those moments.
Wondering about them, and smiling
A total fool of myself, in making
I succeed almost every day.
Now look, laughing aren’t they?

If we’re to meet, *
and we do.
Yes we meet,
you look into
my eyes and I into yours,
seconds turn to minutes
and minutes in to hours.

Time was ticking,
People were walking,
We weren’t dreaming,
So were contemplating,
And, thus, concluding:

*We were, supposed to be one, from the start.
You and me, now, *till death do us part.

© Ali Qureshi
Wrote it back in January this year.
Debbie Ogenyi Feb 2017
I try to  hold back my emotions
Protect my fragile heart
I try to say its all a lie
To make my feelings fade
How can I be love struck again

This unending circle of events
A music I have danced to before
It feels just the same as yesterday
He stretches his hands for a dance
I reach forth with a smile

So with my racing heart
I take this ride and choose to enjoy
Trusting this driver is better than the last
Forgetting my hurts and learning  laugh
Simply because I am love struck again

This song I have heard so many times
The melody brings many memories
Same old music,different dance partner
So I close my eyes,lost in the dance
Just to open my eyes and see me dancing alone
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