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lilac Nov 2020
these songs i wrote,
the chorus intertwined with thoughts of you,
you sing along without a clue.

Zoe Grace Jun 2020
Take me out into the starlight
High above the ground
Pull me close
Play an old french love song
Grip my hand in yours
Take my waist
Dance with me until we both realise
Neither of us are good at it
Hold me sweet and soft
Sway with me to the melody
Nobody and nothing else
Exists in that moment
But for you and I, my love
Words can't describe how amazing my night was, H. But these come close.
mae Feb 2020
I fell in love with you
and suddenly,

all the love songs
made sense.
Latina1813 May 2019
He is an RnB boy
He sings RnB song
But he doesnt know love
No love at all
Chantell Wild Mar 2019
love songs come
in all shades of rainbow
i watch the night skies
light up
with the colors of you
and it's so **** beautiful.
Aa Harvey May 2018
All those love songs.

What is the point?  
Get to the point of all of this.
This love that I have to give, I cannot give,
Because nobody wants it.
It holds me back like a world on my back;
At last I think I can just relax
And then it all comes crashing down…
I am flattened into the ground,
Forever falling,
Forever falling,
Forever falling further now.

Now I see a light shining up from beneath,
But it is just a place to be.
Just to exist.
Just to be left waiting, in purgatory,
Leaves me contemplating, forwards or backwards,
There is no difference.
I am inclined to never try again,
But then my stupid heart kicks in with its two cents,
For what it’s worth…

I feel so worthless and helpless, when I think about her.
Her beautiful mind is what I hoped to find,
But all I ever get in this life is lie after lie
And I am denied, so I lie down to cry or sing,
Those sweet songs of misery.

Those love songs that go on and on,
About how she will be loved…
But I have cottoned on;
They are just plain wrong!
All those love songs,
She will never hear me sing…
All those songs.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 2018
Twenty One

So far above, you’ve been flying high with the angels
And still you stand so far above us.
You are amazing to me, when you speak about your problems
And those things you wish you could have changed; such pain.
Impossible not to like you when all you do is show us love.

So complicated to me, I want to walk inside that mind of yours
And share your empathy, because you speak so elegantly,
When you write about your love life
And you show us how you really feel on the inside.

A broken heart that we all share.
I want to put us all back together with the pieces we are lost without.
I hope you are happy in love;
I want to find a place I too belong as I too need to be loved.

I’ve met a woman like you, but she will never compare,
To those feelings that I hear in your voice
And I am still having these doubts,
But she loves me like I love your songs; they are so good!
So I think I will let her become my reason to believe in love.

You got me through to the other side,
When I was lost, you made me see the truth and I too found my way
And now I see all those tears I cried,
Were just a way to regrow the feelings that I thought I threw away.

Now I am happy in love with her,
So I can never tell her of you, or she would just be gone;
But we each share our love for your love songs.
So I will let her have all my devotion,
But I will never forget an album called Twenty One.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
A tear for your love

Love will end, as it begins.
If the passion of arguing is what originally drew you in,
Then so it will be, as love explodes…in the end.
You will lose your will, to keep on trying…to pretend.

If the lure of adultery,
Was your first thought, so wrong for me,
Then an affair is how your love will end;
All that which could have been, never to be again.

If you were friends at first and eventually love bloomed,
Then you will part with such sweet sorrow;
You will not be consumed,
With jealousy, or hateful words.
You will each realise you have reached the stop sign
And you will each go your own way with true feelings heard.

What will be, will be and what feels wrong will go wrong.
Have you never listened to the billions of love songs?
We are all beginners, until we become winners
And when you see the checkered shirt flag waving,
You will either have found your way,
Or you will be left lost for words,
As you each sit in silence, eating your dinner.

We all ask for direction in our search for love,
But nobody can tell you, which love will guarantee you feel good.
Only you can decide which love feels right…
I will still believe in true love,
No matter how many times,
Love leaves me to cry.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
ryan Aug 2017
'Love is a drug'
it's a bit cliche at this point but its true
not in the sense of addiction or how harmful it can be
but in the sense of its effects
love changes people and it changes each one of us differently
for some, they become suave people with immense charms
for others, they become bumbling awkward masses that are plagued with a mentality and drive that makes them try too hard
it can slow you down
make you hyper aware
fill up every bit of you
from your toes to your hair
Love is a drug
it can make you do or think or say things you never thought you could
it's an oxymoron that turns you into everything you never were
it's every color and sound and feeling; it's everything at once
it's pure, it's evil, it hollows you out as it fills you up and gives the deepest sense of pleasure as it kills you and eats you from the inside out
Love is a beautiful thing, some might say life's greatest creation
maybe this is true, maybe it isn't but be careful
because its beauty makes so shockingly easy to overdose on when you're in it
sometimes love is a science and love songs are the equations
(michigan - brockhampton, bad religion - frank ocean, supermodel - sza)
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