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Mujaheedah Nov 2018
Read when necessary

Sleep when necessary

Eat when necessary

Think when necessary

Take action when necessary

Get angry when necessary

Cry when necessary

Meet new people when necessary

Go places when necessary

Have good *** when necessary

Have fun when necessary

Mujaheedah Nov 2018
As i lay low
On my bamboo straw bed
On this lonely night in the month of november.

The bats have come out to play,
And the mosquitoes are singing their songs
This beautiful moon has illuminated my room.

As inspiration flows with the coolness of the breeze,
A renewed strength entered my vein
As i begin to task my brain.

So why should i have a lazy pen?
I think of you in the dead of today
And memories started to unwind.

So i will write from now till dawn
Till the day leaves the night behind.
Mujaheedah Oct 2018
Sitting in dark
Alone and lost
Waiting on rain
To pour
And shower its blessings.
Come rain!!!!

Save me the stress
That lies ahead
The lonely night
Come rain!!!

Come with ease
Blow my curtains
Not my roofs
Cool the air
Come rain!!!!!

Let the cloud rumble
Let the light spark
Let the wind blow.
Come rain!!!!!!
Mujaheedah Oct 2018
Waking up today
N rushed into the day
With hurt in my heart.

I Strive in pain
My effort to gain
Was down the drain.

I reach out to some friends
But dey mock at me
So I paused a bit.

And hold my breath
I remember to pray
I called on Him.

Then it starts to rain
And there were rays
To guide my ways.

To the land of grace
The favor i have
That i dont deserve.
Mujaheedah Oct 2018
The pains I feel and endure
Only my pillow can tell.

The amount of tears have shed,
Only my pillow can say.

I have my pains and worries,
But who else can understand better than I do.

The clock never stop ticking,
That's to say I'm running out of time.

Day won't stop changing to night,
That's to tell me my days are numbered.

Night won't stop changing to day,
That's a reminder that dark times will pass.

In the pains I endure lies my weakness and strength,
If only I can tell it all.

Eyes shed tears
Mind wavers
Body and soul get weak.
I try to be strong but sometimes my body fail me.
Emotions get all over me,
Clouded with fears.

If and only if brooding heals pain.
If and only if brooding wipes tears.
If and only if brooding give peace.
If and only if everything can just be better.
If and only if we can run away from our sorrows.
If and only if bad times never come.
If and only if sorrows and happiness can be shared.
If and only if...........

— The End —