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Clarissa Ng Jan 27
He has eyes that tell stories
Irises brandished in
Starlit wonder and constant adventure
It is inviting as it ever is
And sometimes the stolen glances I dare
Leaves my heart hammering
Right under his nose

He is ever kind and gentlemanly
For he catches my aloof with his little smirk
And though my feelings are bursting bright
He closes an eye and holds me dear
With him around my head’s a spinning
As I mirror cliche with things unthinkable
Even so
He chortles my heart away

He has spirit that radiates
Against my light heart -edness
When his flurry of thoughts spark
I see the moment in his palms
He pours his soul
With things only I thought I fathomed
And in those moments
Filled with electricity that buzzes
I want to delve into his delicate stature

To explore the fragments of his complexity
That thrives in the corners of his
Half smiles and reddened cheeks
someone special
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Never think that something in life will change on it’s own,
since nothing happens on it's own and everything that happens in life has got a reason of it's own.

Never think that something in life will change on it's own
Never does it happen on it’s own
Never did it happen in the past,
nor will it happen again in present.

Life changes according to what you want,
how you want and all that you have got in your mind.
Life changes according to how you have thought, carefully planned and all the things that you have got and done in life.

However, the world outside is a fast changing place
So it’s always better to be who you are,
especially when it comes to dealing with everything in your own life,
which as of now in the present has a concern.

Do what you want,
in doing so always remember,
future will hold the consequences of all the action taken in present.

Desire and dreams will remain in present and also in future, however, over a period of time it’s always realized that future remains uncertain.
An uncertain future has got all the potential capacity to keep the present on hold; however, the same thing is true in case of odds.

The desire to get something done in a certain way must also be followed by the drive to achieve the same
Once the thing that is desired is achieved, then it is realized that the world outside is pretty much different and that life is better than what you had thought prior.
O Lord, stretch my spirit and soul,
for I can handle the pain of growth;
teach me the proper words to speak;
I’m ready and gladly take the oath

of serving You with my humbled life.
The value of relationships require
patience and wisdom to be employed;
while knowing You, I have inquired

about my identity, found in You.
Having the gift of a poetic voice,
I teach others spiritual lessons;
my spirit climbs, soars and rejoices

when new connections to Your Truth
are realized by Jehovah’s children.
We need each other to fully mature;
hearing testimonies of overcoming sin

and bad situations, we learn more
at accelerated rates- ordained by You.
With my experience and understanding,
let me help others with breakthroughs.

When the latest opportunities arrive,
please enlarge… my capacity for Love!
Author Notes

Inspired by:
Isa 54:2; Luke 5; Eph 3:14-21

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.

— The End —