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Jan 27
He has eyes that tell stories
Irises brandished in
Starlit wonder and constant adventure
It is inviting as it ever is
And sometimes the stolen glances I dare
Leaves my heart hammering
Right under his nose

He is ever kind and gentlemanly
For he catches my aloof with his little smirk
And though my feelings are bursting bright
He closes an eye and holds me dear
With him around my head’s a spinning
As I mirror cliche with things unthinkable
Even so
He chortles my heart away

He has spirit that radiates
Against my light heart -edness
When his flurry of thoughts spark
I see the moment in his palms
He pours his soul
With things only I thought I fathomed
And in those moments
Filled with electricity that buzzes
I want to delve into his delicate stature

To explore the fragments of his complexity
That thrives in the corners of his
Half smiles and reddened cheeks
someone special
Written by
Clarissa Ng
       jacky, yellowpotato and Fawn
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