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soliana Jan 19
As easy as it sounds
Yet the hardest pill to swallow
I guess some people
Just dont want to be with me
The same way i want to be with them
soliana Dec 2018
lips locking
bed and skin clashing
you make me hard
but i wish for another name

skin to skin
your hands are all over me
we get so ******
you turn me on
but she made me happy

your touch makes my skin tingle
i long for anticipation
i have you right now
but you're not what's on my mind
instead i imagine her
and everything just seems to
fall in place

and i never knew
it was exactly
just another mistake.

5:19 PM 12/17/18
be my mistake - the 1975
soliana Dec 2018
to remember you
with the good memories
you gave

and not the traits
that made me leave
or the stabbing pain
in my chest

to remember you
in a way
that you were perfect
even if you weren't.

5:15 PM 12/17/2018
cherry wine - hozier
  Nov 2018 soliana
Love didn't end wars
It started them
soliana Nov 2018
when you leave,
leave me
with nothing
take the love i gave
take the happiness i shared
take my broken heart
take the memories you shared with me
take the hurting feeling
take everything that you once gave
because when you leave,
there's no turning back.
  Oct 2018 soliana
Alex Smith
My mistake
Was loving you too hard.
My regret
Was never telling you
That I needed love back.
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