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soliana Sep 2021
i miss writing so much
pouring my thoughts
loving writing
i've lost you and
now i found you
  Feb 2021 soliana
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
soliana Feb 2021
every day i always find a reason to live
but it seems like
every day i was given a reason to end it
soliana Jan 2021
that i forget you

**** me so hard
that i never look back on you

**** me so hard
that tomorrow
i’ll forget myself too
and if this night ends, may we forget how we behaved
soliana Jan 2021
and when you think about love
you need not worry
to speak your language
for that someone could simply
understand you
no translations needed
  Jan 2021 soliana
I found perfection
In every flaws you possessed
In every faults
And every little mistakes you did

I found peace
Within your chaos
In your storm
And a passageway
Of love
In the cracks of your broken heart

- Juju
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