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Kayla Burke Apr 10
and for the first time..
i knew it was truly over. for good.
the moment i could tell he had fallen in love & had his heart broken as he once did mine.

he finally felt the pain he once bestowed upon my once innocently, pure heart.. the pain i wish would spill from my wounds & encapsulate his very being. suffocating.

yet it brings me no comfort knowing he feels as i once did.

and now i sit here.. stewing in the same pain i felt years ago when i realized something had changed for the very first time. all over again.
when the heartbreaker becomes heartbroken
alanie Oct 2020
your voice traces my lips
and collarbones
whispering empty promises
of endless possibilities

but i savor the taste of it
like bottled love
dripping down my throat
and burning
in the hollow pit of my stomach
OYBlackCat Apr 2020
I  took  my wrist  and  cut  myself,
just  to  open  up  to  you.
And you  watched  my blood  as  it  touched  the ground.
I  waited for  you  to  move from the miles  you  put between us.
I  hoped that  you would come help  me close my wound.
Instead,  you  pretended  as  if  you  did not see  me.
And you turned around and walked   in the opposite direction.
Adding more distance  between  us.
Sofia Jan 2020
I killed someone for you; me.

My heart is whats keeping me alive, but it is also whats killing me.

I’ve been stabbed many times, but you aimed for the heart.
my poems about love & dying
Sofia Dec 2019
it's weird how you'll talk to the one that broke you,
but you can't talk to the one you broke.
Never thought I'd be here again
After all that's been said & done
I should already get used to the pain
After all, this isn't ******* day one.

You may think that it's all a joke
Yeah we're all laughing, funny!
When what's left are screams that choke,
While you're there thinking skies are sunny.

I want to scream, I want to shout
I want to ******* cry my heart out,
But I know.

You'll just be giggling, without a doubt.
**** this love **** man. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, **** this ****.
I’m the queen of self-destruction
watching each bridge go up in flames.
A basket case of pure dysfunction
torturing others with my childish games.

I’m the perfect psychological warfare
collecting broken hearts along the way.
A gorgeously horrifying nightmare
waiting for my next vulnerable prey.

I'm the monster you lured into light
after you showed me how worthless I am.
A poisonous snake ready to bite
leaving ****** ring fingers in the sand.

I’m the swinging wrecking ball
destroying everything I can see.
A broken mess on a spiraling fall
after loving you nearly killed me.
I wrote this a while back when my divorce and separation was still fresh and I went through a phase of very self destructive behavior.
girasol Jan 2019
i hope she knows
someone else loves you
more than she ever will
Felix Dreams Dec 2018
And it's hard but it seems like the best thing to do.  The past year has been so tough and things has change.  Another man has the prize that she tired to give me every day.  Being too blind to see and appreciate was there but of course we gotta learn the hard way.
And believe me I was too stubborn to realize.

I gotta..

Let her grow and live her life.  No more texting and random snapchat at night.  Changing my routines where I go in my neighborhood so the thoughts of "we" doesn't remind me of what we used to be. To experience life with a person like me.

I gotta let her go

And I never thought it would be so soon.  Maybe things would work out faster than what I expected but it went how I figured and must take it on the chin.  Like a man, respect her wishes and continued on without her.  It ***** but in this situation I gotta let go.

No need to cause a ruckus if she's happy where's she at.  I was that person for her but it was me that held back.

So I'll let her go

For the best and to let her live her life.
I did so much damage, why would she want to come back into my life.  It seems to reasonable and convient to come back this way.  

So I had to let her

Who knows..

Maybe she will come back or stay away.
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