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I’m the queen of self-destruction
watching each bridge go up in flames.
A basket case of pure dysfunction
torturing others with my childish games.

I’m the perfect psychological warfare
collecting broken hearts along the way.
A gorgeously horrifying nightmare
waiting for my next vulnerable prey.

I'm the monster you lured into light
after you showed me how worthless I am.
A poisonous snake ready to bite
leaving ****** ring fingers in the sand.

I’m the swinging wrecking ball
destroying everything I can see.
A broken mess on a spiraling fall
after loving you nearly killed me.
I wrote this a while back when my divorce and separation was still fresh and I went through a phase of very self destructive behavior.
Yasin Mar 2
And here I am
The moment came
The tears within my eyes that will never fall.
A broad slit within my heart I cannot show.
The silent sadness within my cold soul.
A whisper that echoes within me.
The love I held cut my hand and pierced my body.
The ghostly thoughts come and haunt me.
I am breaking to pieces
I still keep on loving you
and I meant every word I said
and I'm going to keep on loving you.
I miss this one girl so much. it is killing me that we haven't spoken for a week I miss everything about her but I can't do anything to get her back. it's burning me and I really want to feel free but I'm so stuck in this cycle of worry and agony.
girasol Jan 4
i hope she knows
someone else loves you
more than she ever will
Felix Dreams Dec 2018
And it's hard but it seems like the best thing to do.  The past year has been so tough and things has change.  Another man has the prize that she tired to give me every day.  Being too blind to see and appreciate was there but of course we gotta learn the hard way.
And believe me I was too stubborn to realize.

I gotta..

Let her grow and live her life.  No more texting and random snapchat at night.  Changing my routines where I go in my neighborhood so the thoughts of "we" doesn't remind me of what we used to be. To experience life with a person like me.

I gotta let her go

And I never thought it would be so soon.  Maybe things would work out faster than what I expected but it went how I figured and must take it on the chin.  Like a man, respect her wishes and continued on without her.  It ***** but in this situation I gotta let go.

No need to cause a ruckus if she's happy where's she at.  I was that person for her but it was me that held back.

So I'll let her go

For the best and to let her live her life.
I did so much damage, why would she want to come back into my life.  It seems to reasonable and convient to come back this way.  

So I had to let her

Who knows..

Maybe she will come back or stay away.
Maria Land Dec 2018
I hope that I'm strong,
Stronger than i know,
And if you have to leave,
Then i wish you'd just go,
Please stop this endless nightmare,
Just tear the bandaid off,
My hearts too good for your tourture,
Too beautiful for your scoff,
Please help me do this God,
Help him along his way,
Take away these bad days,
Take away all this grey,
Soon i will rise, soon i will smile,
And when your plans fall apart,
Know we can't reconcile,
Its over today time to heal this broken heart,
Now i accept to put things together,
All these thing must fall apart!
Sophie Jul 2018
I'm tired and i'm done.
I am broken; undone
Not begging you to love me anymore.
I don't need you to stay
You can take all your excuses
Try fitting them through the door.
You know what you have to do
You do know what you have to say
I give up
By the time you notice
I'll be gone
Chineze May 2018
I wanted to try again with the dying ember for a countless time
As I remembered there was nothing worth going back to,
The smoke ebbed and died.
Now I know I would never try again
Stella May 2018
They say love is weakness
They say that it only hurts you
They are right,
Love was my undoing.  
I fell in love with you,
But all you did was hurt me,
Over and over again.
You made me feel weak
You made me feel little
You made me feel insignificant
You don’t know how that feels,
To be vulnerable,
The the one you love,
Point out
They see wrong with you.
It hurt so bad,
And then I have no one there to help
Because you made me drive everyone away
Why can’t you see the pain in my eyes?
Why can’t you see through my front?
Why can’t you see my silent pleas for help?
You just keep going and going,
You haven’t ever stopped.
You’ve hurt me time and time again,
With both your words and your fists.
And I won’t stand for it anymore
Because of you,
I lost hope.
Hope in love,
Hope in the world,
And hope in myself.
You left me broken,
And weak.  
I learned one thing though,
Its that Love is hopeless,
And it DOES only hurt me.
So I have you to thank
For being the reason
I gave up all hope.
Yup. Okay, hi. Hows your day? Mine's not that good. Anyways, I hope you like it. Thanks for reading.
Dianna Mar 2018
I'm not in love
I hope I'm not
I think I used to be
but I'm not right now...

I'm not in love
I mean there is someone
He's nice
I don't know

I'm not in love
But if I am
Things are gonna get

(I'm not in love
But if I really was
I bet my poetry
would be way better)
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