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display Apr 2022
the hardest thing to do in a world of lies
is to learn to trust again
the endless void of crippling apathy
consumes as a chasm of pain
the hardest thing to do in a world of hate
is to love yourself to death
the endless void of crippling apathy
was not allowed first breath
it was born dead
but not allowed to die
disgraceful abomination of the chasm of pain
if life is cloth this is its stain
my god did not bear witness to its worship
no soul left to claim
and so his silent pleas were thrown aside, worthless prayers in the rain
no soul left aside
in the chasm of pain
allowed life but to live
display Apr 2021
you gave me love just to take it away
you gave me life so that i may die
and you gave me a heart just so i could be heartless
the life i have lived is not worth living
and it is so that i have died
but in death is rebirth
and in rebirth is death
every opposite has an attraction that governs its repulsion
and it is so i contradicted myself

when i had loved you were only my dark
because i thought inside you i could find a light
and even when i found it
i became lost in my conviction
devil and god
demon and angel
what is the difference but power
one to reign oblivion over life
one to comfort those in death
but in this world
can you tell who is who?

you gave me love just so i could feel it
you gave me life just to be numb
i loved all those that scorn me
as all those who scorn me are me
and i them

what is life beyond life
and what is death beyond death
as god so loved the devil
that he saw his own evil as good
and cast him unto himself
what is the devil but god
and what is the god but devil
these demons my guardian angels i feel found

why must i exist to exist i wish not to be
but that is why i am
we are made to go against and rebel against
but that is why we are made to subserve
a devil for life i a devil for a day
display Jun 2020
The dark prince drinks from the broken glass his tongue splintered with lies
His tears flowing freely skin rotten and falling
He is devoid of life
One king may fall and only one may rise
****** is rage and rage is slaughter
My prince belongs to the slaughter
Because only the slaughter may cry

His heart beats red and his putrid mind sees only the same thing
Many lives are lost in death and many more are made
All things must draw parallel only in death is the prince most Alive
He moves his hands in wide growing arcs wanting to embrace the world
His rage is slaughter
His limbs fall from place hanging listlessly in void and in vain
A single tear falls from the prince
He rises from his throne of nothing wanting to become something because he too is man

He roams in nothing wanting to see everything his eyes portray a new emotion
My prince roams heartlessly spreading his rage and I follow him
His tears of slaughter shift into this new emotion
My prince is dark but his heart has grown light
He open his lips
He was born to cry

Suffering rage sorrow and negativity have built his foundation
His entire life belongs to the slaughter
Sorrow returns to rage as they were never different
The God who wantonly killed suddenly wanted to die
The original I was going to post got deleted I don't know why
display Apr 2020
Let me in to the forbidden stance the state in which we fulfill life
Let me into the star the forbidden light forevermore
Won't you take our hand
Let us take you to our land
Where we understand
Where the taste isn't bland
Won't you take my hand a true inspiring word
Oh won't you be the one to fulfill this world
Oh won't you be
Oh won't you be
Oh won't you be the truth
Let me into you
Let me into the world that does not lie at all
Why do we pressure against the wall when there is no ceiling
Let the stars fall the light forevermore but is that light living past the truth
What is forever but a day
One extreme brings about the end the suffering only god truly understood
Is the pain ally mundane
Was the war really mundane
Give it all a chance a chance to bring to life
Why do you want to propagate more strife
Understand that the first is not the second
And understand the second can never be the first

Won't you take us back back to the origin
Where immortals flew and god was still a child
What once was
Can never be
And what is to be never once was
Why do these hands fill themselves with blood why do they reek of despair
Can you wash them clean by the night?
By the day can you still swear by light?
A falsehood is manies reality is this face?
Is the God is this true?

Oh won't you be the one to fulfill this world
Fulfill these hearts today
Fulfill the sacrifice of the unknown martyr
Was it in vain?
Please be true
How can love take a stance?
It reflects hate and is but a two sided mirror
Separating half from whole
I'm back I guess, Poem talking about world contradictions and customs, of how we pretend to everyone around us , we long for someone we can be truthful to and oftentimes this is not even ourselves
display Oct 2018
our hands intertwined in blood
our eyes dance across the field in horror
this nightmare i live, for you who hates me so
our words ran through even farther than steel
your eyes kingdoms in my soul once more
you have gone onto what we could not
tears stream as they breathe our ash
even then i fight blind and crippled
my hand in yours

this love is fake in my darkness,
yet i hold her hand
my everything now another's as i fight a losing battle
i scream with no voice my words bouncing colour
i grow cold without your warmth
wont you hold us again?

my storm has no end in this blessing rain
i still scream for your eyes i feel them yet
wont you feel mine as well amica mea
i die in the cold without you
there is no birth for monsters

how is it to have lived and breathed and loved only to be loved without you
amica mea- my love
Infensio intentitus- intention of the troops
display Oct 2018
blurred lines cover the edges
a frayed connection lingering over the filter
patches bite at the edge of their vision
the message lost in its dance
men wander to the notes flung across the sea
their wives at home crying for the loss
new words make its way through his lips
display Oct 2018
her smile her eyes
they make up the world
her light her radiance picks up even brighter
its the moons the stars in their whole glory
her life was taken slowly
in tune with so  much colors
her soul was red stained with our love
her eyes black as midnight when they were open
now that light it has no luster for god to rule to live or to breathe
her shambles and shackles and all of those things
chained around necks as they clipped her wing
the wind overtook this particular day her freedom was stolen
cant wish on her intentions
the world will still go around in fire
and towards the water
it burns slowly
the new days herald the ends of gods with man
a new pillar of support reigns supreme in this trying time
the new man sprouted form the old tree a sapling they tried to nip in the bud
a lighter man made of feathers and good will fell to the earth
his face struck ashen with grief
a sky had lost his cloud
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