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  Mar 3 ni
I'm at the point now where even the weight of air on my skin hurts.
ni Feb 28
A heartbeat- loud enough to drown out the sounds.
Gypsy rings- the ones that turn your finger green.
A fire- crackling past the perfectly pitched logs.
A silver chain- tangled and twisted like a drunken memory.
Chipped nail polish- fragmented in the shapes of places you have never been.
The lifeline on your left hand- too short for you to get anywhere that you want to go.
A faded tattoo- the one that you regret like your eleventh drink last night.
The red string around your wrist- the one that looks like trickles of blood when it is wet.
The laminated bookmark- the one you ever so eloquently placed in my heart and walked away.
ni Feb 28
You and I, we weren't
supposed to be compatible.
The horoscopes even said so.

Our lines, they overlap creating mystery.
You wonder if I know what you did.
I wonder if you know what I am doing.

Back and forth on this tightrope of trickery.
"I have too much baggage."
"Well, I could go on a trip around the world twice."

The stars must have aligned in our favor that night.
In that glittering glimpse of hope,
when your lips collided with mine,
we sparked a match that set the city ablaze.

— The End —