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elle jaxsun Jul 2019
on the horizon
pastel clouds float
swirled by the breeze

underneath them
in awe of their color,
i only feel blue.
I challenged myself to use the words blue, breeze, and horizon or skyline.

You can try, too!
elle jaxsun Jul 2019
like the sun
we may seem great
and like the sun
we may know we’re not.
the sun knows that
she is one of the
smallest red giants
in the universe
and she knows to
become great she must
take up more space.
engulf those near
into her flames
to become bigger, brighter.
and we sometimes feel this, too.
that we must take up more space
to become bigger, brighter.
until like the sun we
will become so big that we
burst, becoming small again.
we are like the stars,
especially the great ones.
elle jaxsun Jul 2019
you aren't aware of how lonely i feel when you're around.

feels worse than missing you.
elle jaxsun Jun 2019
selective moods
outer space grooves
universal perspective
limitless dimensions
elle jaxsun May 2019
who do you
want to be?
with who?
how long?
elle jaxsun May 2019
stand still.
rest your breath here.
remember what you are—
a starseed visitor on earth.
stand still.
stop rushing yourself to find worth.
you are priceless right here.
worthy right here.
stand still.
elle jaxsun May 2019
i don’t know where i’m going.

they said if we worked hard
we’d get somewhere.

but were we stupid to think
that only hard work would
take us there?

our work ethic is on fire
but our hearts were stripped bare.

i’m a robot with no name.
i’m of service to you —
here’s your fake smile.
oh, and your latté, too.

how did we become so
consumed with keeping this
machine on track?
it’s not my machine.
i want to get off the track.
but my debt always says,
“you better go back.”
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