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Annie Jun 2023
this sickening feeling is easy to return to
like caffeine sinking a hole in my stomach.
I thought I was earning a thicker-skinned future
but it gives me more extreme things to get high from.

sometimes I figure I’d make a good escort
yet just want another soft place to land on.
my eyes glaze over at all the disgusting
pieces of others. i gorge them like peaches.

some days laughing seems unsightly don’t it?
will you still love me if i lose my temper
or how would it change me? the scent of vanilla
is more pungent than I can stand.

I will drink anything sweetened which calls me
I can resist anything til I try it.
Odd Odyssey Poet Jun 2022
Pressing charge,
unplugging the worth you have in my heart,
Wicked, and deceitful,—would I seem saying,
"I love you with all my heart"

What haven't I loved long before you,
I've loved another; or rather a better
taste of you. Cloying; to a degree of natural ecstasy.
Scented ravenousness, so sweet by the first brim of
open lips connected.

I've had an affair with her, over the plain;
that seemed to be what we once had.
But still I could never start my day firstly without a
hint of you; yearning yourself down throat.

Enkindled by you both; though as the latter
proved herself, only in the first few times.
My bladder full to breaking point of a glutted
water balloon; hanging on a thin string.

The effect she had on me...

The effect of when I picked a latte coffee
over my traditional black brew.
JKirin Sep 2021
Magic beans and fairytale lattes
ease your burdens, supply you with strength.
To survive through yet one of your Mondays,
sip the warmth and release a held breath.
about the magic of coffee
Merinda Aug 2021
Lost in a low-level latte
The art of pain got me feeling to stay
Scars knocked my bones in every way
Like I have no reason to choking my lungs with air this day
But time-boom still a game that I have to play
Pockets Aug 2020
People have a lot in common with coffee
Some of us are sweeter than others
Some of us taste of spice
Some of us are black
Some of us are brown
Some have too much milk and turn out white
Some of us are cheap
Some of us are not
Some of us are free
Some of us are not
We all came from different places
We all have different names
Americano, cappuccino, caramel latte
But as we all gather in this coffee shop
Only one thing is true
Coffee is coffee
What you make yourself is up to you
Yazad Tafti Jan 2020
sculpt you in the palm of my hand
chisel your most fragile features until i feel your raw
coarse frame
let your hair dangle until is grazes my ever so nourishing skin
that aroma...ahh the aroma of fresh cappuccino hinted with
a vanilla scent
you look gorgeous in that mahogany tinted outfit...fits you splendidly
your heating up . skin must not like the material.
remember when you said you lost my favorite pair of jeans at the dry cleaners?

my scolding coffee looks better on you than still in my cup.
coffee stains.
Mary Shanti Oct 2018
Half calf with a twist
As the line stands
Thinking she is a superimposed *****
Foregoing on

Waist like an elastic band
Hair waving hello in it’s pinkness
Homeless man coming in
Something about Romans and Euripides
As if in a round about
Circle the store like a hovered cloud
Then out again

The rocker dude sipping his tea
The older man in the corner
Who constantly leaves
Wandering where one can’t see
Trailing behind his laptop and keys
Somewhere in this madness loop
Latte’s and Macchiato's brew
And I
With a child's flair
Take it all in, while I throw back my hair
tender flame May 2018
mornings brew a coffee-colored universe:
milky way of latte mixes,
spiral galaxies whirl on the caffeine-intoxicated mug
ground beans fell like the Geminid showers,
the aroma danced with rising planets,
and swirling reverse black hole of sweet bitterness lets you taste warmth and satisfaction.

like a shot of caffé espresso,
i would never think twice drinking:
though it scorches the mouth
i'll take the stellar influx,
just give you the taste of heaven
that the cosmic dreams only had.
— to that mug in universe's album art, thank you for inspiring me at three a.m.
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