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Mark Toney Oct 2019
In the womb
In labor, boom!

Her he enabled
Now she's disabled

Travel to Mars
Next stop stars

Math Test
Don't be hysterical
It's only numerical

Long awaited summit
Ascend or plummet?

Unlikely Nexus
Hooked on drugs
Lack of hugs?
6/9/2018 - Poetry form: Six-Word Couplets - Over the last year I've been intrigued by the "six-word story," which has gained popularity, including the 2006 Six-Word Memoirs® project. What about a six-word couplet? This post consists of a total of six different six-word couplets. Each couplet is preceded by its title. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Abbi Sep 2017
“Just as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into.”
You forewarned me, so I guess it was really my fault that I ended up so lonely.
We never had a reason to hang out in the first place.” You said

So I guess those past months of interest were all in my head? 

“I had no idea what was going on ‘till this morning…I just wanted to make you happy…I’m sorry…”

But you couldn’t even keep your word.
Never mind the things I heard. 

You were unreliable from the start, but I ignored the warnings to follow my heart.

Like when you said,

“I promise he’s not a dangerous person…”

But how would you know?
You were drunk…
passed out…

When he leaned in to kiss me and I said no and tried to push him away.
You’re in my ******* house” he spat and pushed down so I couldn’t escape.

Clasped his hand over my mouth,

I couldn’t let a single word out.

Pulled down my dress and put his hand on my chest, 

Until I managed to reach my hand down , 
Pull out my mace, then he freaked out.

I tried to wake you up, but you just mumbled and stayed slumped.

I was so scared. 

And you couldn’t do anything even though you were right there. 

I don’t know how I feel about redemption, how anyone can do such vile things and claim it wasn’t their true intention? 

“He says he’s sorry and he didn’t mean to come off that way…” 
That’s ******* *******, I should have knocked him in his god-forsaken face.

“You’re a ******* brat. I know you hate him, but that’s my brother, and as much as you’re worth, you can’t try to act reasonably justified in tearing a family apart.”

When you said that, just know you ripped a hole in my heart.
Lainey Jun 2017
There once was a Cardinal Pell,
whose innocence didn't quite gel.
He made Atheists hope
(and concur with the Pope)
that hopefully there is a hell.
The Willow Aug 2016
I hold everything I could want from you
in the palm of my hand,

but the love that would make me special, and not just
a drug to take
a nutrition shake
a screen
a meme
a thin line of white
I can see you're not all right

You are addicted to something you've never taken
and I could be your release.
Liam C Calhoun Jun 2015
Atop her night ‘fore one more broken altar,

The oddity in #309, a special sort of
Pale beholden raccoon ******’d lids,
Was showering mascara’d mayhem
And naked come two windows down.
Shivered and if only by candlelight –
Just her, from cold to ever’d numb,
Her dog, (a lab and, “Sam,” I think),
Endeavor and smoldering wick
Amidst burnt flesh, timid
Added scent wrought a
Stainless steel’s earlier promise.

Alone, and the winds carried
Whimpers, tearless atop
A mixture – sweat, fear, relief,
And, “you’d once loved me.” She
Looks up, under starless and towards
Two wandering eyes, my own.
So much so, that even my
Beer-tainted tongue could taste,
“It,” – ***, cash, and solemn lies;
She knew, I’d taste, I’d waste, come
Her sojourn aimed desperate and pallet.

But I refuse, when she called,
She begged and she gently lullabied,
“Ravage,” as the nails trace spiders,
Seeping, “junk,” and down her leg,
“Come be with me.” Please?
But – the, “Wiser?” I closed my eyes.
The, “Weaker,” took my last swig,
And alone, shuttered my window;
So having dodged her bullet,
I remove my clothes, my ***** socks,
And imagined one wrist’s warmth

Atop her night ‘fore one more broken altar.
*I'll never forget her.*

— The End —