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Strying Jul 2021
I often look up at the television
seeing heroes like the black widow,
and warriors like blodreina,
and I want to have this power,
but a society with people like this cannot function.

These people inflict so much pain on civilians,
that they would never be allowed to exist,
in reality.

Hidden under the depths,
they may be discovered,
but killers and the innocent cannot coexist,
despite needing each other to survive.
I really look up to Natasha from the new Black Widow movie. So proud of the actress for getting her own movie finally, but the character itself is amazingly strong and loving. Part of me wishes I grew up to be someone that strong, despite knowing how terrible her childhood was and how much pain she was forced to inflict.
Tash Mckay Dec 2020
I see things differently
That's OK
I can offened with my words
This I don't like
So I started again
Rewind freeze frame
Looked at myself
God that was hard
Sometimes my words breake down
They decay .
My mouth walks before my brain
This is why I write
This is where I can explain
I see things differently.
I'm OK.  
Every human never stops learning
Good or bad
Good for me.
I'm still growing learning everyday
Now I can play with my thoughts
Daydream all day
Fly away with the fairy's
That flood my brain.
Not quite like that
You no what i mean
I can try
I'm feeling good today
To be honest it's nearly good  
I see some things differently
That's OK.

I'm growing into a person whose handles her
I'm not displaying
Every ****** day
I'm growing
I'm learning
I'm listening
I'm interested it what you have to say
Be nice
Be kind
Help someone today.
As tomorrow you could be the person
Who just sees  decay.
Change in me growth. Thank you xxxxx  depression.  Appreciates.
Tash Mckay Apr 2020
I feel poisoned bye my own thoughts
I've ****** all the light all the soul out of the me, excused myself, set free
I don't care to see
I've been dried out and used and abused some I liked, some I fight
No fight left no light to see
I'm just left empty
I don't want to see
To talk small talk
To talk at all
So bored of people
So bored of me.
I'm just empty
Abother version of me.
Being depressed low sad .
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Boris and Natasha's minds were awhirl
As the Russia probe facts did unfurl
Let's end the confusion
There was no collusion
Was fake news of moose and of squirrel
7/22/2018 - Poetry form: Limerick - Inspired by Rocky and Bullwinkle and Fractured Fairy Tales. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
EmperorOfMine May 2018
My keyboard makes music out of my tears
With ever fear I feel and every smile I bring
With the madness that takes me
With the rage I sing

Like she once said
It's not easy to read to them what's in my head
So we write it instead...
While we grip to our beds

I'm stuck okay,
I don't need to tell them how deep I'm in this
Rapid fire, dancing liars, a choir of fire
I couldn't get shyer, my pleas will be dire

With my sensitivity
My emotions exploding
My complicated thinking
My heart that's bleeding

You know what...fudge it
I try and I cry and I even ask why
But when does it matter
I know we all feel the weight...

But why do they diminish what makes my soul ache



But its okay

I don't have much else to say

I'm going to continue to play the silent game

I see no darkness

I hear no bitterness

I speak nothing heartless

Evil does not run me

Why let it run them?
Them = You
Swaying her hips,
she asks him to dance.
It is a masquerade ball,
and she's taking her chance.
From afar she had loved him,
too timid to even try.
But now she is taking,
tonight it's do or die.

Licking my lips,
I wonder if he can see,
How badly I want a kiss?
Can he sense my need?
My brazen desire
To just be pleased,
One night of lust,
Infatuation and

He pulled her close,
lips by her ear.
"Come away with me,
love me my dear."
Taking her hand he left,
through the crowd and up the street.
Stopping only once,
To kiss her oh so sweet.

My God, I wanna rip him apart right here
I'm so wet, I'm soaked through
I wanna lick, I wanna taste
I'll do whatever he wants to
I desire the feel of skin on skin
Please, just let us

Through the park they did run,
In a gentle summer rain.
Pushing her against a tree,
her pleasure was his aim.
Under the dress his hand did go,
While he bite at her lips.
She moaned into the night,
and rocked her curvy hips.

I want him inside me,
I can't wait till we get home,
No, just do me against this tree,
I'll pleasure him, if he just pleasures me
I'm writhing, I'm wet
I want his tongue probing my mouth,
His palms splayed on my back
Then moving so much farther

He turns her around,
she now faces the tree.
Throwing up the dress,
He goes on bended knee.
******* are ripped,
as his silken tongue seeks.
Her moans get louder,
as her legs get weak.

Oh, heavenly bliss
I've never felt anything sweeter
The feel of his talented lips
Just keep taking me higher
Although this is completely satisfying
The only thing I want is his entire length
  inside me

She rocked her hips,
begging for more.
As upon his tongue,
her essence did pour.
He let himself free,
Sliding it across her ****,
Then slipped slowly inside,
once he was slippery slick.

Oh My, just what I was waiting for
I failed to conceal the moan I let slip
He pushed even deeper inside me
And I couldn't help but bite my lip
With every inch I felt it farther in my core
I let out a scream, begging for
To Be Continued....
     Next **** Sunday

         Thanks Tata! A lot of fun with this!
              You're Great!

— The End —