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K G Dec 2018
I was hoping we'd get along
After I made you a playlist of songs
So I sink back on the sofa and shut my eyes
But you seize & enkindle my lids
And I fell, regret, and yelled last year
And I know you've been through & received  
Far worse than the displeasing playlist
K G Jul 2018
There’s some knowledge you need to hear of how I feel
I remember the images of my dreams and they’re all of you
I’m dealing with some demons and you’re helping me heal
I live in my own world, your eyes are my sun and field
I always look to women with respect when carrying the shield
Loss is the leash on my depression as we’re increasingly real
Seeing you crumble is a weight but your stories are heard
Please feel assured, because I care for you the most
And I need you in every sense of the word
You are the vision in every poem I’ve ever wrote
Anger can’t defeat the distance or keep us afloat
Keep relieving my pressure to maintain the goal
My conscious is only in-line when you speak your soul
We’re taken somewhere we have never been before
Everything has an end, but at least peak through the door
Only time will tell whether my choices were wrong
Either way, where I’m going, I’m taking you along
K G Sep 2017
I'm leaving soon, I feel as if everyone in the room knows that
As of late, this social life has been left abstract
I have seven bucks to buy a screwdriver in my backpack
No note, a grisly souvenir, place me somewhere to nap
It'll be years before they know their god isn't the only atheist
Some energy for living past seventeen, I may need it
Dolo, going no place, heaviest burden, built on glass
Nobody wants this bitter boy unless its on a server
I can't recall any memories of me telling my inner fervor
If there's an abbot, I'm carrying his baggage no further
Since you can't be afraid of what you already endure
Ending with a newer sun, sleeping with my phone before I enter
K G May 2017
The basin drains her polluted blood as wine envelopes morose
Every minute is a memory, onset of her blanketed comatose
Vying in a fog of icons and myths, words always fail them
From every misread evil that is disposed of improperly
From every neighbor or friend eternally mute again
From every gilded pattern that leaves a cuff for the eyes
From every fetching barroom, where all such nadir lies
K G Apr 2017
This day was fused with difficulty and a newer sun
The only note this night can end on, is a bad one
In the rush I fell further from life, poor fortune seemed impaled
The crude white's new and improved hypocrisy had been scaled
A restless heart burns beneath these bones with a trembling sigh
As I'm identified, it hits like vesta when these loaned emblems tie
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