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Markie Waters Nov 2020
Multiple months now, two to three hours.
Wake up, pat the pillow
Comb the sheets, be mellow.
Trazadone, from which I draw powers
To rest in dreamy fantasy.
Quite fitting, back to a girl I once fancied.
Eager to be present, in dream, 100 percent content.
No focus of the world, ease in a peaceful place,
As we yearned to be face-to-faceā€¦then blink
****** my eyes that open a wink.
Take me back, let it recur
To blissful memories with her.
Ode to joy, feelings to encase.
For memories will soon efface.
No remorse nor push away these means
But sum it as an Exquisite Dream
Markie Waters Nov 2020
A second endeavor, an experiment I was not willing to finish,
But the quickness to change, my life as a witness.
Afraid to share my voice, nobody to press burden
As others emphasize the choice not to close my red curtains.
The performance continues with each enduring breath
Taking a look in hindsight, good memories that I've left
With those positive notions, all chuckles & taunts
Nor to ignore my gifts, too far to be lost.
Still a preference for me to move. My hand, show the cards I've got.
TO keep the steam from surging, I write these words which I sought
to walk through the wardrobe of my reflections.
A failure I am happy to rest in~

Markie Waters
Markie Waters Nov 2020
Whirling, airy, smoky-immanence.
A sad, sad song is tuned for me.
Grey char, blending orange shine, eminence.
Now that this Old World is ending
Remembering all the good moments that you cherish so, only to have time push it away.
Markie Waters Nov 2020
Would row without a paddle.
Vowed to the what's, the why's, the how;
Sitting idle, weighed the mind that rattles.
What matters is you're alive/of life now;
Keep on trucking!
Markie Waters Nov 2020
Into the cursory environment, gripping to memories
Of all ones you see. Is it over yet?
As you gaze back seeing tree roots distancing, you stay berating
to the mirror. Fiddle then pacing, stepping not to the future awaiting.
Omitting the transpiring minutes, sitting
dabble dally, idling the glad, even treading reflecting water. Why?
Just one hint to pave the path into circles.
Depths each curve, that pang thoughts that hurt a lil.
Lengths racing treads, only finding your miss-steps.
Befallen to shoulds, the cans consummating the cants.
Gathered theatre, with quips and ribbing rants.
Recognized concessions to your stance;
Ten toes down in the Stage...Cognizant
~Markie Waters~
Remembering all the choices you've made and the audience you gathered in your midst.

— The End —