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Marilyn O Jan 2021
One of the purest source of joy,
I athirst more and more.

Comforts the broken hearted
And instills unseen relief to their broken hearts.

Of every being, young and old,
You enchant and render merry.

Your worth is spoken from every mouth,
The sweetness and meaning you add to life.
I can't emphasis enough, but Good music is "Food for the Soul"
Marilyn O Dec 2020
Oh, happiness, your love is pure!
Thou makest the weary joyful again,
Your beauty is truth and truth is life
A sweet symphony of life's fair bliss,
Couching upon our numbered struggles,
Emitting hope of triumph in battles;
Where canst thou bridge and not be felt?
Of men and babies, who can resist you?
Desolation quivers, and swiftly fades,
As doth a man who runs from fire.

A priceless gift yet hard to come by,
Such as who find you, find relieve:
Of feeble men you restore their strength,
Of laden women you lighten their burden,
For a better morn, why not for good?
Thy song is sung in honour of life
A beautiful rhythm to suit all seasons,
For ever winning, for ever leading,
Like legends of old in unique array
Where with we're clothed in flawless beauty.

What a rare treasure, What a divine package?
We've heard melodies but yours is sweeter:
Sweeter than candies, sweeter than honey,
And all that you are, a fair virtue!
A standing citadel in our sorrowful land,
Where we bury our grief, and fetch joy
As a weapon of war against our troubles,
Singing along in a merrier tone
And finding meaning, in brewed passion;
The meaning you add to our brief lives.
Happiness is a virtue, a free gift.
Have some of it for yourself always.
Marilyn O Dec 2020
Gazing from a mirror broken beyond repair,
All she could notice was a lifeless face.
A stench of blood and that of guilt,
Trailed her wherever she went.

She was haunted all her life,
Her days filled with endless tears
Seeking what she thought would end the pain,
To remedy the hate she had within.

Of her heart and soul she bleed.
The sun and moon had no effect
Cos all she perceived was a thick darkness,
A vendetta she promised to reciprocate.

O'er everything she sort revenge,
Gladly thinking it'll end the hate
But the nights became horrifying,
With a grime of blood on her hands for life.
Revenge is evil and breeds nothing but misery.
Marilyn O Dec 2020
Keeping late nights,
Trying to find sleep on my own
Tossing from one end of the bed to the other,
Eyes as dry as that of an owl.
Not a trouble, not a worry,
Up because of a muse within
Pressing me up and wanting to spill,
Hence shaking every bit of me.
As I keep glancing at my table in the corner,
I see my sheets anxiously calling.
My pens jingle and smile at me,
Anxiously waiting to pen the feeling down.
Can't find rest until I cooperate.
The consequence when I refuse writing
It keeps me awake and seizes my peace,
Till I write it out, then can I sleep.
The peace I get from writing.
Marilyn O Dec 2020
Tell me what you wish for,
all I need is what you need.
Whenever you need succour,
I'll gladly yield myself to help.

Your smile disseminates rays of hope,
I can hardly look away from it.
With you I know I can cope,
cos our connection is gainly fit.

Whenever your hand holds mine,
I bounce forth and bubble.
My being rejoices because you are mine,
thus no one can make me grumble.

Though the crowd makes me fret,
your presence gives me strength.
You embody many precious things,
I'm glad I found you out quick.
Love is beautiful with the right person
Marilyn O Dec 2020
I was disappointed
Because you walked out on me
But I'll certainly not lose my appetite
Because you walked out.
Managing breakups; "It's not the end of the world"
Marilyn O Dec 2020
You came along with your bags,
All arranged and looking neat.
To find a place for a vacation,
To spend quality time within.

To your surprise, the door was shut.
No one welcomed you like before.
You questioned yourself countlessly
And tried knocking even harder.

All your efforts left no reward.
The ****** deal had finally ended.
There's no more room for you in there,
Embrace your shame and take your leave.

The damage you caused was terrific.
Never again will you get that chance
So carry your bags and cease knocking.
You're not welcome here, never again.
There's nothing as dangerous as an angry man. It's time to throw this vice away
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