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The Poetic Fairy Feb 2019
The tears you cry
on the inside
the tears
you won’t show
are weighing you down
the weight of your misery
is too much
I wish you would step into the rain
with me
and let it all go.
The Poetic Fairy Feb 2019
You broke my trust
Took me for granted
You made me feel worthless
Like it doesn’t matter to you
What I think
Or what I feel
You just selfishly do
What the ******* want to
Without thinking of who you’ll hurt
In the process

I walked away
and I needed you to come after me
But you didn’t
And I wasn’t brave enough
(Unfortunately) fortunately
To take the train
I couldn’t move
I Just stood there

Then you texted me
And you came
Only when I asked you to
Fight for me
You took me in your arms
And that is when I realized
Maybe I give too many chances
Or maybe I just ******* love you
too much

I wish I had the courage
To walk away
I wish I was brave enough
To let you go
You’re going to keep hurting me
And I’m going to let you.
The Poetic Fairy Jan 2019
You didn’t want to see
You were blind for my imperfections
You were deaf
for all the negative perspectives
I saw myself in
Gave them a different sound
I wasn’t lost
but found
You didn’t love my flaws
You believed I had none
You painted a different picture of me
A better one
You are a great painter honey
but not a realistic one
You fell in love with the woman
I want to be
instead of the woman I am
You fell in love with the potential of me
But I am afraid
I am the one who is blind
to my own potential
to the positive perspectives
people see me in

you opened your eyes
the next minute
you were

- the poetic fairy
The Poetic Fairy Jan 2019
Your sadness
your joy
your laughter
your tears
your hope
and your fears

give them to me
and I'll show you mine

let me get to know
the real you
the one you are
when no one's watching
when you are all alone
the you
you are
for you

because when you can't be
the you
you are
I can't give you
the me
I am.
The Poetic Fairy Dec 2018
Don't make me fall in love
if you aren't there to catch me.
Don't make me cry
if you aren't there to wipe away my tears
and tell me everything will be alright.
Don't make me think about our future
if you aren't planning to be there.
Don't make promises
if you don't want to keep them.
Don't say you love me
if you don't really mean it.
Just don't.

- the poetic fairy
The Poetic Fairy Dec 2018
We are
bandaging each other's scars
kissing the bruises
on each other's skin
teaching each other
how to fly
but accepting
that we might never learn
and so we fall
into the great abyss.
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