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Harley Hucof Dec 2020
What i seek is real, preserved unseen ,
In a place reachable through meditation and dreams

The Akashic records contains our past, thoughts and future.
Once all's been accepted and amended , we conquer perception and  perspective in a suture

Closing the gap of dependence
We become the silent masters
Convinced in our experience merely as observers

Detached the information flows
The secret is attitude and love

Everyrthing is written, destiny is destined ,
Show me what is hidden allow me to share the message.

Words Of Harfouchsim
reyftamayo Aug 2020
At sumibol ang mga mapagbunying isipan
sa makapal na balat ng lupa.
ang pinagtatakhan ko lang ay bakit
tila tinatangay tayo ng malakas na
daluyong ng karunungan patungo sa dagat
ng kalituhan?
ito ba'y matatawag na kamangmangan
sa sarili o sakit na nagdudulot ng
panghihinang tumayo sa paa,
na taas ang noo, at may pagkukusa?
ano nga kaya ang nagtatago sa likod
nitong makulay na isipan?

nanatili ang karamihan na pikit-mata
sa pagtanggap ng mga kaisipan ng kapwa
habang ang iilan ay abala sa
paghubog ng mga bagong panaginip
na syang lililok o lilipol sa
buong sanlibutan.
hindi man sinasadya, o inaasahan,
nagsilbing mantsa sa puso't puson
ang mga panaginip na ito.
kahit na sa mga pagkakataong
sarado tayo.
walang malay nating sinasagap
ang mga pakalat-kalat na talino
na para bang pagkain kung ito'y
manukso sa nagugutom na kalamnan.
kahit pa ito'y ikamatay,
mapagbigyan lamang
ang uhaw na nararamdaman.
hanggang sa tuluyan na itong
umalipin sa sinumang magtangka
na kumawala.

o sumpa ng galit na apoy
ng nagbabagang impyerno?
tayo lang ang inaasahang sumaksi,
maging alin mang panig
ay tama o mali.
malaya tayong mag-isip
at mawalan ng saysay na parang
alikabok sa higanteng pusod
ng mabangis na lipunan.
o kaya naman, palihim na sumibol
sa gitna ng disyerto
kahit na nag-iisa.
John Castaneda Oct 2019
Pick up the pen I'm the next kin of this nature
A nature that can’t be bought, caught in the dark
Infinite thought running through the mind
Can’t find the correct resolution
Pollution flooding
Freshly cut from the tree of life
Heavenly glow keeping the road clear
Wipe my tear
Who will come after me...
Tiara I S Mar 2019
You dont want me
He didnt want me
They wont want me
I've never wanted me
For I am too introverted for hookups yet I desire intimacy no one I know wants from me regularly
Robin Lemmen Sep 2018
If I ever were to try
and explain to someone
how much I loved you
I think they would be heartbroken too
Pauper of Prose Jul 2018
Churning with the shells of critters
Foam infused with flour hues
Reaching and receding
Timeless yet awash in currents
It learns in waves
The perfect pupil
Relying on all it can see
Awash and adrift
on getting a scent
of the almighty dollar bill
the aroma it gave off
did so perfectly thrill

smelling a bigger ***
would better excite
for the nose is open
to that kind of invite

inhaling currency
switched him on fast
it smacked like
a power packing blast

and he'd follow the blood
hound's perceptive sniff
to where ever there would
be a profitable whiff

for sure and certain
his probing conk
will be out sensing
the huge money plonk
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
I am your disease,
every time I come around you vanish me
in every cry whimper or sneeze
I am the ****** in side your head
you are to scared to embrace
I am the horns of the devil
and the smile upon the angels face
I am the dream you cant control
I am the drug that makes you go

we've turned into the monster
that we fought not to be
deep in a darkened whole
black eyes no longer see

burning bridges
perceptive imperfection
a left hand turn
in the right direction

I am your release
everything you want you take from me
echoing your disease
all you are and all you will ever be

elapse relapse reprise your demise
I am the horns of the devil redesigned
objects perplex reflect there subjects
I'm the smile upon the angels face

you are the moral in my dark soul
the purpose to be found
a voice tells you to let go
it's more beautiful 6 feet underground

laying in bed dreams of voluntary aggression
upon waking disappointing depression
or are we being naive now, thought dissection
deflect suspect rejects, infection perfection

who will even see the things we create
think it's great to annihilate the whole human race
debilitating thoughts not knowing how to feel
like naive dogs lost without there master

treasure pain, because without pain
there is no pleasure hit the main vain
insanly refrain from the mundain strain
bane lame thoughts plains of blood stains

I'm asking not knowing what is real
conditions of contradiction & elusive entities
entanglement of putrid bodies
in a mind stricken by poverty
her eyes never still -
trace smooth arcs over the scene,
observe everything

— The End —