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nabilah Jul 6
i think it is normal
when a seven years old girl asking her parents
to make her very her own bedroom,
called her selfish, she doesn't care.

i think nothing is wrong
when someone refuse to go out
just because she want to stay in her bedroom tonight
called her lame, whatever.

i think two days straight
is not too long for not talk to anyone
called her a loner, she don't mind.

i think, perhaps some people were
designed to be alone
and that's
Tejsree Apr 8
Silent and sweet,
Quiet and cute.
Feelings all hid,
In a jar with a lid.
chitragupta Mar 30
We are happy to chirrup with the others
but would the peacocks dance with us?
Our coats not exotic but shabby and plain
And we like being in places close to our nests
We love the sky and to breathe the clean air
But do not aspire to go where eagles dare
Do not pity us, oh great birds of pride
Our songs are sweeter- never mind our size
For vanity and attention is not why they are sung
But to plug the holes you skewered in our hearts
This piece is very close to me.
Because between the lines it tells my story.
They say I'm alone. But they don't know.
I'm a sparrow.
Seanathon Jul 2017
If this would unlock and unwind
Would you turn inward with me?
Just to ignore the world and all the people in it

Just for a moment
Could you forget about all that you’ve built alone?
And seemingly, be nothing with me?

And when you look and see not the front of me
Would you take it as a complement?
Not a slight

Because alone together in the silence
And within the moment that will not last
Is exactly where I always hoped we could be

Unified and most alive in the nothingness
Mirroring the moonlight back
As if we were not passive

At peace with each the other
And the un-world we create
Would you turn, unlock and look inward with me?
One day. In the silence.
Nathansha Dilip May 2017
I was an extrovert
Before I unraveled the mystery behind the sugar dipped smiles
Before I analysed the well spoken lies;
Before i discovered the hypocrisy of a good gesture
Before I learnt about the phony luxuries pleasures;
Before I heard the tale of overrated love
Before I saw the laugh devilishly hiding the hurt;
Before I noticed the dishonesty of scared friendships
Before I pictured the fate of shallow relationships.
I was an extrovert!
For I believed in expressed words!
For I never felt
The calm peace experienced by an introvert.
Abhishek P Dec 2016
Only had I known
The true nature
Of my rugged edges
That they weren't supposed to be
So callously blunted
I wouldn't have tried so much
Wasting my time
trying to run them
Into circles where they never belonged
Into places for they never longed
I would have toiled
Sharpening them with the implied
And make them bleed with unwavering pride.
Crimsyy Sep 2016
You are all as loud as
a vaccum cleaner,
The living room's a refrigerator
and my room's a heater.

And he,
He is my safety zone,
a smell of his cologne
and I know I'm not alone,
I cannot name the feeling in a rhyme,
I guess it feels like erasing bad times.

Why'd you decide to get
annoying and inquisitive
when I'm high on love?
Why'd you push my buttons
when I'm on a high, love?

When I'm sporting that
love drunk smile,
just leave me alone for a while,
it takes time for an
overdose to sink in,
meanwhile, just trust that
I'm living from within.
Aoife Aug 2016
the nights you call lonely
are the nights i spend
reading and writing and drawing
and loving my own company
i enjoy dreaming of possibilities
and laying in complete silence
you see, my mind is so loud
louder than the party you're at tonight
and for me that is enough
i balance it out by being quiet,
by producing shambles of poetry
and endless jumbles of words
to try and understand
that it is okay to love the silence
and the mystery of who i am
you find yourself in bright lights
and loud music
i find myself in the dark
we have been afraid of our whole lives
it is the darkness and the silence
that make you so scared of us
but we are simply introverts
trying to fit into a world made for you
while you are dancing your heart out
ours are pounding in pride
as we proofread our writing for the 100th time
your open arms and our open minds
embrace in harmony
you see, i started writing us instead of me
because i know i am not alone
on these nights you call lonely
i call lovely
Asha Jun 2015
She barely existed in the world of people;
those faces, masks of lies and deceit,
she concealed her joys and tears,
for her companions - the pen and the paper
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