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Nylee Jul 2017
There's someone at the door
Shadows can be seen from the floor
Night conceals the presence from my eyes
And so my curious mind tries
To conjure a mystery
a dark horror fantasy
Scared excited heartbeat
drag my feet
                    to the intruder
none other than my mother
who looked more alarmed
by my scream of sudden surprise
Pepper Dove Jun 2017
Darkness is here
beneath the canopy
where tiny insects inject
venom with apathy
Swiftly spinning
of solitude
watching you
taunting you
wanting you to intrude
Lingering notions
of spraying potions;
You're helpless
and hopeless
and motionless
Can't you hear the cries?
From the spirits
fallen victim to
all of it's lies,
gripping you with eyes
at it's winning
of your steady
Metephorical for all those sneaky spiders in your life, always trying to manipulate you to fall into their webs of deception so they can use you to their benefit and consume your whole being.
Anonymess Jun 2017
Intruder. Intrusion. In my personal space.
Violater. Violation. What you took, I cannot replace.
Material. Materialistic. But that that's not the point.
My thoughts. My feeling. Have been shattered open.

Intruder. Violater. You didn't just steal.
You took something from me more valuable.
Than diamonds and rubies and all the queens gold.
Intruder. Violater. You don't know what you hold.                              

Intruder. Violater. You've taken my purge.
Letters and answers and maps to my worth.
Intruder. Violator. You've taken from me.
Memories of where I was, who I am and I am how I came to be.
You've taken my heartache, my sadness and pain
But also the joy and happiness from life I have gained.

Intruder. Violater. Maybe something to sell.
You took my whole world and spun me around.
Material. Materialistic. Harmless. Maybe to you.
I'm shattered and heartbroken and there's nothing I can do.
I wrote this after someone broke into my flat only to steal my laptop. I wasn't so much upset that the laptop was stolen as about what was on the laptop. Years of memories and writing and feelings. Things I held sacred and kept sacred, just taken to be sold.
Shanath May 2017
I was humming to myself,
I often do now.
A way to distract my mind
From the clouds of thoughts
That ultimately rains as sadness.
I was humming and I was unequipped.
And the trouble with being oblivious
(An outcome of humming or doodling
Or daydreaming)
Is that we shut our defenses
And open ourselves to attack.
I was climbing up the stairs,
Hair dripping water
And wet clothes in one hand,
I was climbing up the stairs,
I was humming to myself

(A question- if we are unarmed
And see an armed person,
Is it necessary that person to be dangerous
To feel in danger?)

I moved the thick curtain,
A choice of my sister
I say,
I can't confess how I picked it too
But I hate its colour now.
I danced my fingers through
The waves of it,
All I wanted to reveal
Were the steps that continued
But there he was
                              A beast.

In a stance, staring right at me
In my own turf
He was questioning me.
He was the stranger not me.
He was the intruder not me.
But I was unarmed
And his claws dripped of dried blood
I pictured,
We stared at each other for
The nth of a second
That seemed like ages.
I was drowning in his eyes,
An effect of humming beforehand
I believe.
Then my mind snapped
Like a rubber band
Stretched too far for too long
And a scream
As shrill as that of a kid
Escaped my mouth.
Broke all my teeth
Parted my lips
Tore away my tongue
And I screamed with all my might.
(I feel it was all my fear
Rolling out all at once
At the slightest chance of an escape).

Whether my scream faded
Or did it stick to that very step
Or did my voice die down
I can't say,
But as fast as my heart beats,
I was down
Behind a glass door closed
And a wooden one slightly ajar,
I was now a captive in my own home.
My screams now words,
It's silly how human fears
Are better described by sounds
With ill fitted

After moments gone,
Having gathered my strong,
Calm demeanor
I carry most of the time,
I grabbed a stick.
I swear I wouldn't
If it didn't just lay there
As a lonlely toy that needed holding.
I couldn't wield it to hit
I know,
But I could make some noise
As if my voice wouldn't have been enough,
The beast had ran

Listen to me, he is the dangerous one
Not me, not me ever.
I tapped the stick at the railings
As I climbed a step then another
All the way till the point
Where my scream lingered last.
I bobbed my head slightly ahead
Of my body,
The beast could tear my face off
But not my heart I reasoned.
There it was, a mess,
Milk, and rice,
Cereals, biscuits,
Containers open and spilled,
Things scattered but things I say,
To the hungry beast
                                - Food?

I climbed up the remaining stairs,
Following his footsteps,
The markings he left,
The dripping water off his soul.
Can I confess now,
The beast was a kid,
And his tiny hands couldn't hold on
To all the food he stole?
        ­                                                  Needed.
And finally at the door,
A whole packet of cookies
Lay there, like a star
That fell from the sky
Unhinged it dropped on the ground
Where it didn't belong.
I didn't pick it up I followed ahead,
He passed that door,
I concluded from where he
                                               Broke in?
                           Discovered through.

And went ahead to the bigger one
Where we welcomed guests
That neither belonged.
I shut that door,
Locked it now.
And came to my room.
Kept the stick aside,
Leaning it on the wall,
Like a dancer resting his feet.
And sat on the bed

                 ­     I fought off a beast?
A beast scared off a hungry kid.

(I hope he managed to steal something away
At least bit into something before I intruded.)
If I keep some food out
Will he come and take it?
Praline Poet Dec 2016
I can hear you
Your vibrating voice like a heartbeat
as you dig your nails into my soft blanket
Trying to find space
In my space
Staring intently
At nothing
Your little hips going back and forth
Whine if I disturb you
How did you get so good
at making a space your own
Completely forgetting
that this space is owned
How did you get so good
At making a house your home
How did you get so good
At making a place your own
Dark n Beautiful Mar 2015
A yellow belly cardinal launches itself at my window
Pecks away at the old window pane,
Should I chase the intruder away?
Or should I make him the subject of my next poem
He became my inspiration, and I his adversary
It slurred whistled phrases calm my inner soul

After a while the pecking annoys my daughter’ cat
So, here I am compromising myself and not caring
Because I am about to compose a piece:
About war and peace: title
Fluffy and the **** bird
I took out my camera and zoom in on its beady eyes,
and realize that it was as blind as a bat

Teeth-chattering, tail going from side to side,
doing the war dance this **** cat,
A blind cardinal with a sweet melody
what more can I asked for, but to watch and learn
from the intruder, the spoil feline and the observer,

A yellow belly cardinal launch at my window
Pecks away at the old window pane,
Should I chase the intruder away?
Or let my daughters’ cat razz it?
Regine Santos Oct 2014
I've tried to put up with you
But you always seem to pursue
You have a different kind of thing
It has become annoying

I want to understand
It's your disrespect, I can't stand
Please just stay away
And don't push your way

Leave us alone now
Your intrusion is something I can't allow
Stop the desperate pleas
I'm asking you, please.
Josh Bass Oct 2014
I am stuck in the darkness
A world so bad it has to be real
My dreams never cease to surprise me
in thier vividness
I wake up to my relief
Only to be ****** back into terror
Long shadowy arms extend from my ceiling
And hold me down
I can't move
I try to shout for help...
The shadow covers my mouth
...I live alone anyway
The fear creeps through me
as the electricity of this
shadowy intruder
keeps me still
And just as fast as it began
the shadow creeps back to the corners
it grew from
and I can move again.

It's three in the morning.
But I am not going back to sleep
I open a book and read instead.
This is the second bout of sleep paralysis I have ever experienced and it is one of the most terrifying things I have ever gone through.
Rachel Lyle Aug 2014
There stalks a fierce tiger
just outside of my door.
Audible are the steps;
yes, just outside of my door.
A shapeless shape shifts
pass my window, onward-
to my door.
Creaking and splitting
of the wood is heard,
just outside my back door.

Padded feet are of no safety,
Mr. Tiger Outside My Back Door;
for my treacherous fortress
is made of cheap wood
intended to split and to fray-
and, lookey!
I nailed you that way.

But woe,
As I open the back door,
I am presented with alley-cat kitten,
indeed, wounded by my back door.
Oh, enter sweet kitten;
I never meant you any harm.
Gushing apologies without aprehension.

The young cat yawns;
bites my heart out,
fulfilling his mission.
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