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Sky Feb 2019
you're the poison apple
I'm incapable of refusing.
I took a bite,
it cost my life.
Sky Feb 2019
I found a sheet
Wanting to write down how I felt
The paper stayed empty
For I could not have found
A better way to describe
Someone once told me “you don’t need a reason to be sad.”
Sadness is a question without an answer, so is emptiness.
Sky Feb 2019
Like a gentle sunshine
sneaking through my curtains at dawn
revealing the scent of my darkness
as you enter
my little universe

Ignoring the caution sign
without any hesitation
You stepped onto the frozen surface of my lake
Not even caring if it’ll collapse
Not even afraid if you’ll drown

Every step was a sip of soda
For I am addicted to your sweetness
Yet still remembered every *****
Step by step
Not stopping til reaching the center
Not stopping til it’s too late
have you ever had that special someone that entered your world and turned it upside down?

I did.

I was once quite satisfied with everything, until I met her.
I still remember the first time we met, we were from completely different universes. Like two independent parallel lines that'll never met. I was like the kinda person she'd never be interested of being friends with, but who knows?
it turned out quite terrifying when we started to say the exact same thing at the same time all the time. We were so in sync, our thoughts were in sync, our minds were in sync. It was kinda crazy.
I was the kinda person that was sensitive with distance, it terrifies me when someone approaches my safety borderline. I tend to push people away when they're getting too close, I guess it's because I'm afraid that I'll be broken when I lose them. And she knew it, yup, she knew it. but she didn't stop, either.
Sky Feb 2019
It took me a forever to forget her
Yet what I’ve forgotten was
Her smile
For it is all it takes
To make me fall

— The End —