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Carlo C Gomez Sep 2021
It began at sea

this music box

playing your calliope

fingers churning

like a paddlewheel

Carlo C Gomez Apr 2021
It was all the rage
in the food industry
or so they implied

It was easier to
go down the bakery aisle
or so they justified

It was how so many men
preferred to see dessert
or so they specified

But to her way of thinking
it just never looked right
no matter how she tried
Evie G Feb 2021
I am Eve
I know I am life

I know why a heart beats
I know why the cat sleeps
Far too much

I know why the moon glows
I know why the mould grows
In the bread bin

I know why the earth shakes
I know why the dog wakes
And barks at the world

I know why the wind moans
I know why we break bones
When falling off benches

I know why the stars shine
I know how to write a couplet
As grand as Shakespeare

I know why the trees groan
I know why the hormones
Rush through teenagers

I know why we exist
I know why we like lists
And ticking off the boxes

I know why you and I
Can stare at the same big sky  
And see a different thing

I am the raging turbulent seas
I am a cold cup of tea
I am whatever you make of me.
Hey there, inspired by I Am Talesin
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
Isn't it a pity that,
what she and I have
might be a
foretold; untold tale?

This writhing soul might be a fool to be

- t a n t a l i z e d -

by her honey-like scent,
with the topical rose redolence;
percolating every existing room for air
in my thickly tar-scarred lungs
from every hush of her troubled breath---

only then to realise that

every passing seconds spent

have always been a constellation of

== inane innuendo ==

to pique the lovelorn in me.
There's always something in me that's been worried of her troubled breathing. She doesn't smoke, so I'm concerned. I mean, her lungs aren't tar-scarred like mine.
P.S: I like the smell of her perfume.
solEmn oaSis Oct 2020
open up Less upclose hint:
upsidedown absorb unwet waves of silent noise,
otherwise Loud silence moist more !!!
a week has passed and since then,
my love for you found refuge in my close friend's list
-settled for knowing that you saw it,
saw me, perhaps, even through me.
-settled for knowing that you,
are there for me.

-settled, for knowing you.
romantic innuendo part 2//
and on my IG stories shall i send my indirect messages to you, for you.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2020
On the second floor
of a department store

At the DMV
appointment window

In the kissing booth
on Coney Island

Anywhere around
her pineapple grove
Part 3 in the Brenda series.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
There once was a lady,
(and there actually still is),
who clandestinely preferred
the growth about her garden gate.

The talk in the village square
these days was all about
pruning the living daylights
out of it, until it was a sad
but smooth barren surface.

Apparently visitors had weighed in
and made this some kind of rule.

Nonetheless, she liked how
the twisting leaves and ivy
created a picturesque latticework,
a natural tapestry,
evoking mystery and anticipation
for what lay beneath.

Oh, she trimmed her foliage
here and there,
keeping the overgrowth
from running wild,
but all things considered
she was not about to change.

Her garden was beautiful
just the way it was.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
She sneezes like she pleases
Without warning
And all over the place
Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
When I die
I want to be cremated
and have my ashes mixed with paint
just so someone can s
                                                d me
                                across a canvas.
Now paint me like one of your french girls
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