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solEmn oaSis Oct 2020
open up Less upclose hint:
upsidedown absorb unwet waves of silent noise,
otherwise Loud silence moist more !!!
Ksh Dec 2019
There is a name calling out
in the silence of the mind.

There is a space
where clutter occupies.

There is a creation
at the end of destruction.

There is pain,
and love,
and pain again.

A wheel of self-abuse,
the likes of which gets us high
in each and every revolution.
Lou Morgan Jul 2016
be bold
take a chance
even if it's
r e c k l e s s

be careful
play it safe
even if you're
r e s t l e s s

follow your heart
trust your instinct
it doesn't matter if you're
m i n d l e s s

listen to your mind
always think twice
it doesn't matter if you're
h e a r t l e s s

chase your dreams
always work hard
in the end it won't be
p o i n t l e s s

be who you are
no matter who that is
don't let yourself be
l i f e l e s s
shosho Rea Jan 2015
We come from two different worlds yet we're close.
We're like parallel lines.
We are equidistant from one another and we'll never meet, but for some reason we're headed in the same direction.

Why can't we be perpendicular lines?
Why can't we meet and create a 90 degree angle?
Is it fates way of saying we can never meet?

The mathematical theory can always be related with the psychological one when it comes to relationships or our own issues with ourselves.
We can never be because we're not meant to meet.
We're headed in the same direction but the space in between is two negative magnets keeping us at a distance, hence we fight to be close only to be pushing ourselves further away but always equidistant one another till we eventually agree.
We are parallel lines.

However what we refused to wait on is the second Mathematical theory on Parallel and Perpendicular line.
We can somewhat change a parallel line to a perpendicular one just by rotating a line 90 degrees. This in a psychological manner means that no matter how pessimistic a relationship feels, how depressed we are, how alone we feel, with one change we can create a 90 degree angle of happiness.
It's true though. Math Geek

— The End —