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It's time to rest
It's time to lay down in bed
Take your time, hon.

It's time to feel
It's time to be filled
Take it all in

Hug your pillow
Tuck yourself in
Take your mind into a ride
In a world none can see
That makes you feel alive

Take a deep breath
Let yourself go
The night is by your side
When your world is at peace
Your heart's dreams come to life
I am in distress
'Cos we still keep trying to have to stress
That we still should rest
While we keep trying to give our best

In a world where you gotta move, where you gotta prove
To people you don't know that you're the best
To hell with the others, it's a test
It's always nothing personal, "I just mean business."

But it's tiring, alright.
We keep saying we are fine
Even though it's outta line
We're fine, should be fine
I'm fine, I'm fine
Fake it 'til we make it:
'Tis the demand of the grind
Oh how bright it shines
I feel the other side
Oh how sweet
Oh how peaceful it could be

The days are gone
The nights have dawned
Is it the end of time

The tears have dried
The eyes have smiled
Is it the end of time
Oh how peaceful it is
Theater made me realize
that I can't ******* breathe
To the outside world,
it's only getting up in the morning once the alarm roars to life;

But to me,
it's a battle within on whether it's still worth getting up today.

To the outside world,
it's only reading mundane words on the screen and respond to some;

But to me,
it's trying to stop my fingers and arms from trembling as I scroll through words I can't process.

To the outside world,
it's simply going through the goals of the day.

But to me,
it's desperately holding myself to prevent or at least fight through another breakdown.
Everyone has a dream
Very few have the guts to chase them
Even fewer are those who reach them

And I'm one of the many who settled
If given the chance to have 5 minutes with you, I want to share this with you:

Your music keeps me going. You may have heard that sentence a thousand times. So, if you would allow me to paint you a picture.

I work in a job I don't like. The job itself is not bad. It's actually very meaningful. I thought meaningful was enough for me. Apparently, it is not; I want it to be both meaningful and something I truly enjoy.

Enjoy in a sense that even though it's difficult, it is something I'll wake up for. It's something that would make me forget time. And for me, that is singing, acting, performing, and teaching. But it is not my reality right now.

So, every Monday, I drag myself to work. As each day passes, the guilt of being late subsides to none. Sadly, the thought of having a responsibility to other people has become less compelling for me to work. I've spiraled into deeper, and darker realms where I've lost control over my mind and body.

And to force myself, a desperate attempt to get up, I play your songs. Next thing I know, I sing your tune, dance to your beat, then the impossible starts to happen. I begin to cook food for myself to eat, I open my laptop, and get started on my emails -- I finally have enough to start my day, to get it going.

These maybe simple, mundane things -- but they mean my livelihood, my future, my life. You help me live my life.

Thank you for your music. I hope you stay truthful to your tune, to your beat, to your message.
Thank you artists for the music you create.
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