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Robby Feb 6
If tomorrow didn’t come
If it was all black and nothing
No more feelings no more me
Would you still be where you are?
Would I live on in your head?
Would your heart still whisper my name?
Memories of me would fade away
Carried off in the breeze
Maybe sometimes you’d remember
You’d see my face in the crowd
Or hear my voice say your name
Listen to a song that makes you cry
Never forget me… keep me alive
Keep me with you forever no matter what
Robby Jan 27
My indecision is deciding for me
I remain
Stuck in this place of purgatory
I remain
All dark with no light and sleep without rest
I remain
Both horns and halos but no devil or angel
I remain
Sailing from star to sea in celestial form adrift
I remain
Robby Jan 24
The great dragon hides away in her cave
Drunk on the beating hearts of her prey
Surrounded by the gifts of her worshipers

Her eyes burn red from the lack of peace
Her breath is sulfurous and fiery hot
Her tongue whips lashes with no remorse

I once pledged my loyalty to her
Gave her my heart and my soul
She scorched it just like the earth around her
Robby Jan 9
I feel this ocean between us
The current has kept us apart
It won’t always be this way
We will break from its pull
We will swim together again
Robby Jan 8
No one will ever be ok overnight
Healing is a process
Processes take time

Time is irrelevant though
Stop watching the clock
Don’t look at your calendar

Just take a breath
Feel that air in your lungs
Keep doing that
Because somebody loves you... somebody
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