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Noor Fatima May 2020
Raison d'etre for each other
Destiny ruled
Only capitulated to death
Epitaphs read
Noor Fatima May 2020
Her halo
Drived him crazy
Like moth
He was burnt
Noor Fatima May 2020
Dissatisfaction rising to crescendo
Insatiable desires' raging inferno
The more comfort we gain,
the more we lose the game
In horrid ignorance, we wallow
Donot succumb to raging desires
Noor Fatima May 2020
Let's build
Hacienda in cockaigne
Unfurl fantasy
Poltergeist begone
You and I
Eternal beatitude
Noor Fatima May 2020
Such a painful antic it is.
People reigned by sweltering
avarice. No inner satisfied.
Sabotaged by blemishes. Far
apart from the soul's voice.
Unaware, missing forest for
trees. Soul is not that binds.
Boundless you were, too.
Tenebrous restraining milieu!
As the twig is bent, so shall
the tree grow. Building
transient haciendas out
of pride. Ego concealing
the inner side. You, the
Architect of your destiny.
Yourself decide. Tap the
energy residing inside,
lest you should subside.
Chew over the living dream,
dwell on eternal life. Still
your presence. Listen to
silent cadence.The more
the voids increase, the
more the bliss you feel.
Noor Fatima May 2020
That faith or fear,
Heaven or hell,
Your dispositions.
Feeding on you.
Carress your angel,
Demon'll subdue.
Louden your courage,
Poltergeist'll squelch.
Demons, not above
your head. You,
a conduit to soul.
You embossom
Demons are not above you
Noor Fatima Apr 2020
Oh you the daughter of eve,
Sister of mine, let's not discuss
about pain tonight. Eminence of
you can't be undermined. You, the
centre of existence. Masked by
indifference, an epitome of love
hidden behind. Your skin's golden
hues, sun can't hold a candle to.
Beguiling is your pensive face.
Your serenity envied by the doves.
Supplications - your words,
reverbrating the court above.
With a lioness gait, you crush
that dismay. Wear valor as
your cacoon. Your mesmerizing
aura, like a magical spell.
Your trust, a life to barren dreams.
You, a panacea to everything.
Your gentleness belying your
strength. Farther are the fears,
trembling with awe. Untethered by
critique, are your abilities. You,
a versatile being. Who wrangles
with you, is perplexed by his inner
disputes. Who abondons you, destiny
desolates him too. Worries that
occupied, were they worthwhile?
You as delicate as beetle's wing
Stooping with burden? That's not
your thing. Never accede to that
degrades your esteem, for you are
a fairy of dreams. You, the crown
of a king. You, a goddess of life,
this world but a slave of thine.
Mark my words. Even if I depart.
I believe you are mashal to
your darkest path.
Glorify yourself, beyond any right or wrong.
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