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leinstinct Apr 2018
I fell from your *****
Onto an empty soul
I took her pains with no regret
She confessed she'd never felt
The years of flowers, musical sunshine
She took care of my sorrows
I was taught to forgive
Now i lay on her soul
Hoping to never fall again
leinstinct Apr 2018
There is no turning back
                                           Long gone is the time spent
Do you love?
Do you feel?
                                           Do you understand my pain?  
                          I may turn to a different love
                                     You may change your drip-****** ways
leinstinct Apr 2018
Give me something to be deprived from
                    I will take it anyway
If there are no rules that I can follow
                    I will break them anyway
Whoever said it's simple
                    Never tried to LIVE a day.
No truth can be prescribed through
leinstinct Apr 2018
Beautiful and sweet
Such innocence
So deer

To battle with my bitterness
Embraced by your forgiveness

Non deserving
I must confess
I never learned to live

You taught me how to love
Forever grateful
For your purple beauty
leinstinct Dec 2016
Caught again
I know it's love
I know you care
But time itself and all my dreams
The enlightened ones
The ones who are free
If you overthink
Or say too much
If you secede
If you give up
You lose your soul
You lose your life
But if you don't
leinstinct Dec 2016
The breeze holds my hand
It's grip restrains me from my destiny
Love is so **** blank
It is filled on melancholy
We hold our thoughts together
So we may not be so insane
But insane is another portal
It's the way through the universe
Live life love all
Thats all I know and am
If you really want to know
I can show you all I am
leinstinct Nov 2016
It's sad to see everything pass away so fast
It can't be understood how many lifes were left behind
No explanation for such a tragic tragedy
But our hearts and souls are with all your friends and families
Today more than ever today we are one

We realize our mortality
We live to give love
To those who have left the planet
To those who gave it all
You graced us with your game
And thankful forever we are

An example of all is possible
An example of courage
And insatiable thirst for glory
You have taught us
We have learned
And forever grateful we are

leinstinct Nov 2016
Nice job everybody
You managed to be cool
To follow social stigma
To become another fool
Let me applaud your achieved conquest
Let me tell you how proud I am
Another lingering pawn of the system
Another ******* without a life
leinstinct Nov 2016
Art is not an element
Art is not an object
Art is soul and heart depicted
Art is the subjectivity of the objective
Art is love and all the beauty
Art transends reason and logic
Art is pure abstractal medicine
Art is expression and entertainment
Art is life and death conjucture
Art is an everlasting ******
Art is to our souls as what oxygen is to our lungs
Art is pleasure and pain conjucture
Art is an everlasting ******
Art is life beauty and escence
Art is perception attitude and perspective
Art is life
Art is love
leinstinct Nov 2016
I never thought I could
be time and nature itself
The universe is my ally
I'm one with all my surroundings
No greater joy or pleasure
Than what it is to be alive
The realm of all spiritual
The escence of our love
To mingle with our passions
Work for our dreams come true
Totally go against conviction
Rebel against society
The system tries to enslave us
Don't let that be
**** whoever tries to change you
That can only be your job
And forget anyone who hurt you
Though a lesson must be taught
Still the only thing that exists is LOVE
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