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Dian Eka Mar 2018
He Calmed Winter on My Chest
Along Came Spring...
And Summer Arose..
Flowers Grew in My Flesh

I Bloomed
For I Know No Sin or Doom
In His Bed....
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
I can't wait to feel you inside me,
Feels like we're meant to be,
All talk of rain and thunder,
Is beginning to make me wonder,
What'll I really feel
When you capture my eyes for real?

Making love in the rain is my fantasy,
In the rain and on the terrace would be ecstasy,
You feel my goosebumps all over you,
That's the weather's work, is that you too?

I wonder if you'd let me work
If you saw me naked with nothing but a smirk,
I look at my bullet and know for sure,
I want something else to adore,
Come to me soon,
Make love to me till noon

Time your fingers met my hair,
It's craving for a dare,
To see if you can show it more care,
Than I do with my time spare

Pull it as you ****** in me,
Hear me moan as you set me free...
As long as I'm here,
You've nothing to fear.

Your tool may measure to be a big number,
Nothing I can't handle, let's start with your finger..
Show me your skill,
Before it's time to fill..

I'm all yours
Want me on all fours?

— The End —