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Trout Aug 2019
Petal of golden ecstasy
Marked by wisdom teeming like a snake
To feel the pressure of the speech
To fill the parade with autumn breeze
The Trumpoet Jan 2018
We've reached the end of year one
and Trump says he's done more
than any other president
from any time before.

So, what are the accomplishments
of Trump and his intrepid crew?
Well, here now is a partial list
of what they did, or tried to do.

They lied about inaugural crowds
and introduced "Alternative Facts",
inspired a worldwide women's march
to protest Trump's disgusting acts.

Hollowed-out the E.P.A.,
deemed climate change a Chinese hoax.
Paris Accord and regulations
gone, in puff of toxic smoke!

Wrecked the State Department and
Muslims, he said, must be banned.
Insulted NATO and U.N.,
brought shame upon his own homeland.

Attacked the mainstream media.
Railed and ranted of "fake news",
unless it came from Fox and Friends
and others spouting all his views.

Gave praise to Russia - Putin too.
Investigations started.
Comey started digging and
was forcibly departed.

Poked and taunted Kim Jong Un.
International drama!
Obsessed with slagging Hillary
and Barack Obama.

Battled healthcare, N.F.L.
and Planned Parenthood.
Tried to ban transgendered troops.
Claimed that coal is good.

Would not condemn the Neo-Nazis
down in Charlottesville.
Filled his swamp with sycophants
up on Capitol Hill.

Puerto Rico half destroyed.
Paper towels he gave.
Huge cuts to the National Parks,
decreasing land to save.

Claimed that Trump saved Christmas and
gave massive tax cut presents
to the corporate oligarchs
with crumbs tossed to the peasants.

Debt ballooning! Conflict looming!
Divisions far and wide!
G.O.P.'s not stopping Trump.
Have they even tried?

Claims to be a stable genius;
A smart and big success!
What legacy will Donald leave?
What awful, dreadful mess?

These were just some accomplishments
of which I have kept score,
but they just scratch the surface.
I could rant for hours more!

But haven't we all had enough
after Trump's first year?
It feels more like twenty!
Let us hope his end is near.

This was my Year One "trumpoem"
that I wrote for you.
Hope I won't have to write another
after year two!
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: January 14, 2018
The Trumpoet Feb 2017
Your trumpists whoop and shout "hooray"
You talked a lot but talk is cheap
It's your inauguration day
and now you've promises to keep

You must ***** that border wall
or did you change that to a fence?
So wide, so deep and very tall
or were your promises nonsense?

And as for Clinton - Lock her up?
Or did you change your mind?
"Conflicting interests" you once said.
Such crimes in you they'd never find!

Will you deport each and every
undocumented immigrant?
When did you start backpedalling
from that initial angry rant?

And then there are the Muslim folk,
such a convenient bogeyman.
Will they all have to register
while you drop bombs on their homeland?

You said outsourcing steals jobs.
Let tariffs ease that trouble.
But how'll you soothe the working poor
when Walmart's prices double?

But know this, Donald, you have friends
to help with troubleshootin'.
Will you get cosy in that bed
with your dear comrade Putin?

The swamp you promised you would drain,
did it improve or worsen?
How will your bootlick billionaires
assist the average person?

And may we see at long, long last,
your tax returns today?
The ones you promised to release
but changed your mind along the way.

How will you handle, Mr. Trump,
these questions you must face?
The pressure's on you starting now
Lets hope you don't fall in disgrace.

So many promises you made
up to Inauguration day
But please don't keep them - they're so wrong
and such a price we all would pay.
You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written January 14, 2017
RJ Days Jan 2017
An idiot clown
Now has the nuclear codes
We should we worry?
Mark W Meehan Jan 2017
I’m NOT upset
because my choice for President lost.
I am angry because the person who brags,
graphically, persistently,
about his power to/pleasure in assaulting women
was elected as President of my country.
He mocks the disabled.
He taunts the powerless.

I’m NOT irate
because I’m a “sore loser.”
I‘m astonished that the common consideration
of his proposed cabinet
isn’t expertise
or public service,
but obscene wealth.
The worst kind of cronyism.

I’m NOT a passenger
on a plane, irrationally demanding a new pilot.
I’m sitting in economy,
gripping my cheap seat in terror.
The nose of the plane diving,
the left wing lifting into a death spiral,
while the pilot declares
“This is going to be the greatest flight ever.”
I wonder how many of our poems find their source in Facebook these days. I wrote this as I read my FB feed, amazed by the many posts about how I should feel/why I think what I do.
maggie W Jan 2017
We are 9 miles away from D.C.,
the eye of the storm on the twentieth.

The suburbia love we had,
storm- before- the -calm  kind of meeting we had on this chaotic day.

9 miles away is the city we love
It is a refuge for our boredom and our doomed relationship
On the metro ride, on the E street and somewhere near Farragut West
We watched small budget movies, had ice cream or playing with each others' hands fondly.

We are several blocks away from all the barricades,
So why don't we get in closer and go to Chinatown Coffee
and then wandering down the H street.

In the suburb,  I do not feel peace,
Because the storm is coming.
I'd rather go in the eye of the storm,with you
Where you fell for me.

This Capital love of ours , on the outskirts of D.C.
Where in a perfect world we would both live in,
like last time you told me on the way to E street.
Love  in D.C., To Michael O.
Em Glass Jan 2017
from the sixth floor, see
the traffic lights change
in time with each
other up and down the
street snake eyes snake
eyes snake
   eyes snake eyes
       snake eyes
green green
green  green
red  red
as they always
did but not just
as they used to
red, red, and it bruises white and blue
Mio Seanachaidh Jan 2017
America has sworn in a new President
A businessman named Donald J. Trump

His honest and controversial rhetoric has divided America more than united

From the very start of his political campaign - leaving people against each other

The public chanting, "Make America Great Again" - choosing a side - it's only another Civil War

Who knows what the future will hold? Will America ever be restored?
A utopia straight out of sweet dreams its citizens can only mentally create?

Will we be the fabled Golden Nation, a glimmering beacon of opportunity and promise that all the world should follow?


Will we be a wasteland? War torn and forlorn? Only a distant fleeting memory as we speak?

Will we plunge into a dystopian horror as played out like The Purge?!

Only time will tell and heaven only knows......
For now, the public holds it breath and waits

As both America and the world can only hope and pray that Trump will lead us to the promised land as life rolls unplanned
President Trump and America's future
Kevin J Taylor Jan 2017
Just because I wrote this
And staggered every line
Doesn't make it poetry
Even when it rhymes.

Welcome, Mr. President,
Bearing that in mind.
O the politics of rhyme... this is not written in classical rhyme or full rhyme. it is written in slant rhyme.
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