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Today is a day like so many other days
The skies are cloudy, the world is gray
I can't sit still, But I want to fade
Into a slumber, as a cold serenade
Seeps depression through every crack
Emotional baggage too hard to unpack
Sitting and staring at empty white walls
As life's little doldrums come for us all
Robyn May 2016
I came to a fork in the road.
I stared at it for a long time.
It stared back, daunting.
I picked it up and snapped it over my knee.

I decided to not decide.
I used the fork to eat my lunch.
Sitting there -
at a fork in the road.
I ate. And slept.

I refuse to cooperate.
At the end of the year, the apathy is weighing on me heavily. I have decisions to make and I'm deciding not to make them.
Drag me down, go on
I can lift myself higher
Than you ever thought.

— The End —