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Daye May 2018
‪I was good before the meds‬
Slightly depressed because I wanted to leave my husband
But other than that, I lived.

Is this me?
Is mania my thing?
How many times do I have to trip before I go back to Bing?

Oh ****, everything is all of a sudden exciting!

Counting numbers like a mathematician
Looking at numbers like they’ll come into fruition
A Beautiful Mind subtracting with ambition

Hey Eleven! Is it 11:11?
Upside down, still 11:11
Oh hey, Porche 9-11
That’s my birthday! 9/11

8:44 I’m going to do it
9:44 I’m going to do it
10:44 weighing my options
44 reasons to pop it

Stop it

Where did I get these bruises on my legs?
Shortness of breath
A billion needles stinging through my chest
Night sweats
Driving fast and a little wreckless
That’s when I know I need to get checked
I need to be in this bed
Half dead
Blood sample draining from my head
From another case of miscalibrated meds

This better be the prescription
Otherwise I can’t live knowing my mind can't function
Sarah Milliron Jul 2014
I'm just another cold case
They can't find my killer
Half of me is dead from what happened,
4 years ago
How can I find my other half?
Half of me feels so empty and hopeless
Can the past ever catch up with the future?
When that day comes half of me,
Will no longer be on a dusty shelf

— The End —