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Dian Eka Mar 2018
Sun was Shining Only for Three Days
Rain is Approaching...
I Have Been Waiting With my Umbrella
Standing in the Cold
Carrying my Frozen Dream

" Long Journey is
To Forgive
To Forget "
Dian Eka Mar 2018
He Calmed Winter on My Chest
Along Came Spring...
And Summer Arose..
Flowers Grew in My Flesh

I Bloomed
For I Know No Sin or Doom
In His Bed....
Dian Eka Mar 2018
To Kiss a Picture of You in Mind
To Have a Dialogue Turns Into Monologue
It is All in My Prologue Scenery
Before Bedtime
The Epilogue Says
"Distance, my Dear....."
Dian Eka Mar 2018
If Inventors Lost in Their Creativity
Are Artists Lost in Their Fantasies Closer to Insanity?

Mind is Vaster Than the Universe
where Astronomers Find Units
and Name Them After Theirs

No Scientist Could Measure...
How Complex the Black Threads
are Neatly wound In Your  Head

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Dian Eka May 2014
You lit one,
Between the bar we and strangers were blended in hecticness
Your face faded by the smoke around the walls
I needed no clear view,I liked ur mew , by the way
Sipped one drink,words were flowing

You lit your second, you twisted the smoke, threw it to the stuffy air
My eyes were following, wondering where those smokes would rupture
I did the same, repeatedly
You did the same,vividly,
in heavy breathe, sour and dry laughing at the beginning to the next ciggarette

Your eyes were getting glazed
As if looking into something deep down
of an answer from nonsensical question
Of a bitter sweet, perhaps
of a foolish surrender you have made,perhaps
Of a misery in your chest you had kept probably
Or of unspoken words, no need to be declared

I blew those smokes around you
You were laughing
This city was made for strangers,
Strangers like Us
We own  every corners as we linger in our presence
Pretending we have no other lives but here
For those who wait, I know no fear

A car passed by, it honked too loud
We both yelled and laughed at it
Interupting long loud lamentation in silence
You swallowed your pain
I knew it,
We shouldn't have shared any kiss or touch

We both yawned
We could hear chairs behind were sliding
They were leaving
Through your satire, I still laughed
Cigarettes were smoldering, while you talked
Reflected in the glass and eyes
You wish to go,carefree feet I will give

We walked through the hymn of blue eve
As the city road collapsed and expanded, wider in your pupils
I waited and watched
Words as your hands tickled (in) my mind
Burning skin as your gently touch wiped through

You lit your last , it was time
Again you twisted the smoke
Again my eyes were following where it would go,
Your silence are too loud
Light from midnight so dim
Creating a ghost that was dancing on your somber face

Our fingers quickly interlocked,
tightly  through the ticking clock
Soon the sun was set, at the first dawn
We shared no more cigarettes and talk  or maybe it was not me or you who were sitting

All after time, tables and chairs
Even when we are no longer there
But it  lingers in years
Every scent in every scene

So long , another time perhaps
Dian Eka Aug 2011
I dreamed I was walking around the graveyard
it was cold and sad
I smelt jasmine
i saw shadows
I saw You

The pale pin marbles
Your name is imprinted with golden lines on a black stone
the born and the death were united
I counted how young were You

oh death,,,
Are You happy now?
took beloved soul while another soul was dying
ended a life while another life was suffering

I smelt jasmine
I smelt You
I felt windy atmosphere
I know You're coming

DEAB 060811
Dian Eka Apr 2011
Sam, not Your name
I read Your past,no one to blame,
Sam,please do not be ashamed,
It's fine,You're still my man

Sam,my man,was someone's man
I tried to be a stranger with strenght here in my chest,
Jealously like a rushing train provoking my brain,
But Sam,***,
Were was,,past

Sam,I read two thousand and nine on a blog,
and met You in Your creating spot,
I saw girls
I felt You from years
Were in love
Were lonely
Were thinking
Were random
Were messy
Were missing someone
Where we haven't met yet
Where was I?

Sam,how was your love life?
In a club with music made You alive
Wine one sip or two,did U like?
Fake love for a nite
While u were thinking of previous lovers

Sam,how did U feel?
When U were tired n ill
U just wanted to have fun alone
While U were thinking of home?

Sam,I'm jealous
Once U wrote to someone but now I'm writting You
I still have no clue
O Sam,,,
I'm helpless

But sam,thanks for letting me in
Part of U to be seen
Pick me up at ten,

(DEAB April 9 2011)
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