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Greg Jones May 16
One man who brought the world to one city
The center of their universe
The sky rains rose petals
The streets echo his name with thunderous roar and applaud
The king of a long line of kings
Raises his head above his ego
Statues created to honor his marvel to stand against time
Love and adoration finds him
From the most insignificant peasant
To the most honorable politician
One emperor, one king, above them all
He would be remembered far past his passing

One man in Rome had a different voice
One man hired by the immortal himself
One man to do the job behind the curtain
He stands behind his boastful aura
Behind the fabled greatness
Whenever someone gave him love
Whenever someone praised his name
Whenever someone kissed his hand
There was this man to remind him
Whenever someone blessed his life
Whenever someone sacrificed in his name
Whenever someone idolizes him with infamous intent
There is this man
A loyal servant to Rome and her bounty
To whisper in the modest King's ear

"You are just a man. You are just a man."
You are you
You are  the unusual; like a noontide dew
You're birth of this fertile soil
Who else should you be but you?
Be yourself,
let everyone in trying to be you, toil
Don't try to become anyone but you
Be the main character, let everyone be a foil
You're greater than you think
Why have you chosen to join the queue?
Don't be to yourself a turmoil
Of your kind, if there're any, they're but few

You're you
That is truer than true
You are an exceptional aesthetic
There's no one alive who is youer than you
You are an extraordinary piece of the greatest artist
You're one of a kind
There's no one like you.


“Today you are You,
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer
than You.”
Simon Soane Apr 12
Please be immortal,
don't ever
go to a land
I don't

Don't ever drop
to a world
out of my control;
always be here,
always add to my whole.

You make my  two too;
my love is populated
of you.
Yuki Apr 9
I’m destined to have
eternal moments of
catastrophic drought
inside of me,
even if my heart
is an immortal
castaway through
the most brutal
storms of my soul.

I know this pain
Kiss me again
We’ve died a thousand times before
Don’t let it be in vain.

The fires burn
The sky bleeds black
I’ve said a thousand hurtful things
I wish I could take back.

I’ll wait for you
Beneath death’s river.
Come find me love
Come make me shiver.
I only lived while dreaming
I only died while still awake.
I’m done with paying
For my heart’s mistake.
So give me hell
I’ll burn it down.
They took everything from me
I’ll take the crown.
To hell with gods, karma and fate.
I’m still here standing,
it’s not too late.

I know this voice
He calls my name
I lived a thousand times before
To play this game.

My armors light
This blade feels true
I’ll slay a thousand different worlds
To reclaim you.

Inspired by my WIP (Locked Behind Amethyst Eyes)
Mark me with your teachings
In the dark place of my mind.
Hallowed by the seasons
Only hatred you will find.
You burned me for your pleasure
Melted flesh from off my bones.
Only to find that I’m immortal
And there’s no way left to atone.

’Cause the Devil’s got a hold of me
I’m a wicked thing can’t you see.
Let’s not talk about conspiracy
You’ve been playing wicked games on me.

You paint me as a demon
A wayward child of the night.
Just to silence the true reason
I have fallen to this plight.
You paid highly for the pleasure
Of consuming flesh and sin.
Now you’re poisoned by the toxins
That have nurtured deep within.

‘Cause the Devil’s got a hold of me
I’m a wicked thing can’t you see.
Let’s not talk about conspiracy
You’ve been playing wicked games on me.

Hush now sweet one
Don’t you cry
If a witch should look you
In the eye...

bleeding nights of fashion,
a smoke of spirit haunts my poise,
words to climb the height of erudite temptation,
born to be the uniqueness of life’s design,
immortal lure of sexuality,
my zeal is inured to pieces of cupidity,
bleeding lure of innocence,
my earthly scent transcends visions of quenched thought,
the will hoards spells of liberation,
ferment of fevers, shock of sighs,
I am the magic of surreal,
my faith to drench the magnitudes of war,
the love to drain aesthetics of perception.
Tuan Do Mar 14
Oh Immortal ones,
Let blood streak the sea,
For my anger has been provoked.
Just a little fun one
zee Mar 14
He made an expression he did not feel
And pretended he had no gashes to heal
For one of the three had to be sane
And pretend to not feel pain

He displayed emotions he did not know
He did not subject and went with the wind’s blow
He had plentiful to say
But he kept his judgments gray

The slyest are the most broken
The silent are the well spoken
He recognized it all too well
And so, his ego could not swell

The sun had set long ago
And the melancholy moon was the only glow
The only nimble of hope
The only entity keeping them on a durable rope

He was the only contestant left in fate’s game
And was the set aim
He had his cards lay out
Though even the wisest had their doubts

Would he live?
Would he thrive?
Or would he drive himself mad?
And give up faking to be not glad

They say you cannot change the past
Though he knew he would not last
If he were to dwell in his secrets long
He just needed to hear a song

The lullaby of a songbird would bring
The justice of a king
And the game of fate
Would soon be set straight

For it is the story we have all heard but never learnt
The one where friendly rivalry burnt
Two pits of gold
One bad, one bold

A path lit leads the way
Choose wrong and your loved ones shall pay
So choose your fate’s date
Tick tock, it’s getting late
I am the Goddess Of The Divine and fragrance of the night,
on my lip whirling waterfalls of love to strive,
the shadow window beats in jar bells,
my being is the art of the divine,
for I loved you since the first day,
and that was my only love on earth,
but you were scared of your religious background,
scared of what the society might think about us.
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