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Shounak Jul 2021
The dew on the moist leaves,
The gleaming orange in the sky,
The tiny chirper on the branch,
would all be seen for the last time

cancer came knocking at the door,
asking for nothing but his eyes,
life from now on wouldn't be the same,
putting in the glass ones of size

He looked at his parents one last time,
capturing their young but smiling faces,

He would cherish those faces forever,
For they're immortal, against the stride of time
The capture of those smiles, now with him forever.
No matter how old they get, they'll forever remain young.
Shounak Feb 2021
Here like a tree I stand,
hope they see the shade I give,
Or be a river if I must,
till they hear me flow

Am I not seen?
I look down at my hands
Oh what plans do they have,
for this is just one wicked dance

The brightness of this star
is something they shall not know,
Being an invisible man,
I can just leave my footsteps in the snow.
Not getting something you think you deserve is a painful thing, makes you feel undervalued and confused, one cannot proclaim to the world of his greatness, only your deeds may speak for you.
Shounak Aug 2020
From ironed to crumpled,
the sheet stays there
disgruntled and awake,
at the clock I stare
the shrillness of my alarm
is mostly unwelcome
sitting on the chair scraping the floor
let's build the momentum
are you just thinking what's this
all about?
well this is how my life is
day in and day out
why am i doing this?
All these worries and this tension
Where is the beauty in this broken cup?
when will it make sense, I say
But I know I shall smile
when I look upon this day
As I'm doing this
For tomorrow, for tomorrow.
Shounak Jul 2020
when in despair
you were the breath
for which i would come up for air

came closer by the years
but there will be this distance
Stopping me, is this yellow line

wish i could enter the shop
one whiff of the air
and it would encompass my heart
but it's the glass display
only from which i can watch

this is it, i'm at a loss
for this is the line
which i cannot cross
Shounak Jul 2020
Happiness can be found
in the most unusual of places
the kind which is short-lived
but giving a kick like wasabi no less

that millisecond in the air
while doing the cannonball
splashing the water all around
to walking in the park and having
that stroke of wind caress the hair

to having a smell draw you to the patisserie
and every spoonful is like heaven

This kind disappears as soon as it arrives
like the fizz in your cherry cola
finding it again can be easy
did you check your pockets?
Shounak Jun 2020
nothing's worth taking your
own life for
you're not worthless
not a penny,
you're worth a million

because the track was blocked
the train didn't stop
it changed the tracks

find your calling
get on the saddle
and look on down the vultures
who tried to pick you apart,
and soar
Shounak Jun 2020
Sit with them, laugh with them
enjoy with them, smile with them
you don't know what their mind's racing on
looking so calm
yet fighting a thousand battles within
the last person you expect
to disappear,
might lose the battle and even the war
for you might be the first one to
wake up tomorrow
and long to see them
just once, just once.
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