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Man Jan 2021
i could pour my heart out to you
but what would it do,
knowing how callous everyone is

i could tell you how i linger on each word you say
or staring too long because i love seeing you
but what would it do

letting you know that when we speak
i get butterflies
and my nerves are overworked

but what would it do

to know how i really think of you
when you don't care to ask
what's the point
Reappak Apr 2020
I was walking my way
And I swear I wasn't astray
When I thought someone followed me
When I turned, it said I'm death
But I swear it looked like Macbeth
I continued walking my way
And I swear I wasn't astray
When I again thought someone followed me
When I turned it said I'm fate
But I swear it looked like Bill Gates
I wanted to catch him, but he ran away
Then I started walking my way
And I swear I wasn't astray
When I again thought someone followed me
When I turned they said we're your ***** socks
But I swear they looked like Megan fox
I still walked my way, I still wasn't astray
When I turned I saw someone nearly eighteen
And held a teddy like Mr. Bean
I still walked my way, nearly astray
When I met someone immune desirous
It said I'm corona virus
That's when I went astray
My voice like a donkey's bray
And at last I reached Bombay!
This is the reason I hate Mondays!!!
This is a meaningless one, just to ease my brain
Marri Nov 2019
You are atrocious;
You are belligerent.
You cocky thing.
You disgust me.

You are revolting;
You are untrustworthy.
You are not deserving of my time.
You are worthless.

Don't you dare come back to me.
I won't let you in.
Don't you dare try for me.
I can't let you in.

You are idiotic,
And the least exotic.

You are flour in the kitchen.
You are dandelions blowing in the wind.
You are useless.

You're the puppet now, and
I hold the strings.

You're the bell,
And I'm the freedom that shall ring.

You are nothing if I say you're nothing.
You're something until I give you something.

I created you.
I designed you.
I gave you life.

Don't you dare make me take it away.
Because, boy, I will.
Em MacKenzie Aug 2019
No matter how many times
I burn my hand upon the stove,
I can’t help but be completely entranced by it’s radiant and beautiful glow.
And oh god, how I need the heat it emits so effortlessly.
While I gaze at it longingly,
wishing to graze my fingers upon
it gently,
I was never strong enough to not get burned.
That’s what ointment is for I suppose.
Em MacKenzie Jul 2019
I fail at persuasive entanglement
and negotiations almost masterfully,
as I try to strike a deal with whatever entity, or deity, that encompasses the life force around us.
“Show me a way,” I murmur,
pure exhaustion laced within what
passes for my voice today.
“If you can’t throw me a bone,
then throw me air; I swear it will suffice.”
Just once I would like to experience the gratification and overall relief and completion
at getting one of the few things I wished for in life.

And if it’s will sees it fit that I have neither bone nor oxygen,
then I plead that it atleast grants me the smallest grain of wisdom,
all within the right moments,
so that if life truly is circular versus linear,
that when I get pushed down the wrong path, open the wrong door,
and make life altering mistakes,
I can atleast try to gather the strength to force myself to prevent them.
So maybe one day, even a day repeated, especially a day repeated,
I might know what happiness feels like
when it isn’t artificial or ripped from my hands swiftly.
I held a soft grip once out of wishing to provide comfort, protection and love,
when maybe I should have been digging my nails deep,
and holding on for dear ******* life.
That’s it folks.
Mel Jul 2019
I am bad at writing.
Especially these bad haikus.
I am an idiot.
Hah. If you don't get the joke, I added one extra syllable to each line. Isn't that idiotic?
Philomena Apr 2019
You ***** and you moan
But don't you ever think
Use that tiny brain of yours and for just once think
Yes your actions have consequences
And yes you can't **** every woman you see
Especially with a girlfriend
Some people never learn
Em MacKenzie Jan 2019
News headlines talk about
people attempting
“The Birdbox Challenge.”
When in all reality,
we are all stumbling through life

And the real irony here
is that,
people are too blind to realize
they are already blind.
Just a thought on the most recent, idiotic trend.
Bethie Nov 2018
I said this year I'm done with boys
I'm done with all this emo noise
And let's just say it worked quite well
But now it won't, as I will tell

I gave up all my childish loves
I set them free like they were doves
They flew away and left me here
I was content in this past year

The ones I liked became estranged
But now it seems the times have changed
For even as I left them be
They now come running up to ME

They cower under my commands
Do all my freaking dumb demands
I hate the every part of it
And now I think I'm going to quit

Before I go I have to say
If you want boys near you to beg
Just give up all your previous loves-
They'll fly right back like stupid doves
The irony isn't funny one bit
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