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Tee Morris Sep 2
Don't give up
Someone needs you
Look in the mirror
With a smile
To show the demons
They can't hurt you anymore

Drown the voices
In you head
With music that fills your heart
With hope
And with a joyous tune
That helps tell you
That you are worth something

You feel low
You feel broken
But don't hold onto false doubt
Don't hold burdens
Upon your shoulder
Just please hang on
With me
For me
Sorry I haven't posted any poetry in a while I have been going through a lot, breakdowns, sorting out counselling again, etc xox
Tee Morris Jul 11
I wish you made me happier
I felt trapped
I felt lost in my own head
And you made me feel so dead

I was made to feel like it was all my fault
I was always wrong
It made me feel so drained
Now you've left me with all the pain

We once ran through fields of daisy's
Together all alone
On a cold summer afternoon
Staring up at the sky waiting for the moon

But the moon never came
You were the one who drained me
You scared it away
And made the afternoon forever stay day

The clouds are my only companion
For you left me all alone
You and the robins and dove's
Left me with this fake, dead, love
~ Heartbreak poetry ~
Tee Morris Jul 4
Your heart beat was music to my ears as I lay my head on your chest
Your voice was my warmth and shelter in the rain
Your lungs filled the air with hope
But now there's nothing left but pain

I feel paralysed and numb
And stupid and so dumb
For trusting you with my heart
And letting you turn my life so dark

Your heart beat will no longer be music to my ears
Your voice will no longer shelter me from the rain
Your lungs won't fill the air with hope
But all that is left will remain as nothing but pain
~ Tee **
Tee Morris May 29
I need to make something clear
I need to elucidate
I need to let you know
I need to let you hear

The words I have to say
I hope they stay dear
The lies I have to tell
I hope you don't hear

I love you
Is all I ever say
And I don't know if it's a habit
Because I say it every day
~ This one is ******* ~
Tee Morris May 17
I'm hardly rested
But I stay destined
I want a future bright
I want to live in the sunlight
But I can't see what's held up in front of me
Because the light at the end of the tunnel is blinding
And I want to take back time so I stay sat at the box winding
But then it all get's thrown in your face
Because life doesn't want you to win the race

I'm hardly caring
My music blaring
And it piercing my ears
And assisting me to wipe my tears
It's like the world is com busting into flames
And everything seems so lame
I can't help but feel ashamed
That my sadness still is wild and not tamed
And now I'm asphyxiating

I feel like a reprobate
I feel so alone
I'm stuck inside a whirlwind
In chaos and strife
Where everyone holds up a proud knife
And won't put it down
Because they feel protected by danger
And they use it or get stabbed
With the use of their own dagger
~ for knife crime. it's such a bad issue in the UK right now :( ~
~ RIP to Jodie Chesney, And everyone else who has fatally lost thier lives to a coward ~
Tee Morris May 16
I just want to know the truth
I can't stand not knowing what sits between me and you
I don't want the lies
I just want to know what hold u back bound and tied

You see the difference between you and I
Is I don't know the truth
And you hold all the lies
And you need to let them loose

I hold everything inside
And I'm full of rage
And my heart is a cage
And it's broken and so is my mind
~ Needed to get something off my chest, im crying and in a bad place right now, its just a vent ~
Tee Morris May 15
The smile on my face is empty
The name I uphold is worthless
The stories I tell are depressing
I think I need a preachers blessing

I may not be religious
But I need some guidance
Maybe if I stare to the sky
Someone will hold my hand until I die
~ Short and sweet ~
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