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Armand-DeamoJC Jan 2019
Dear holder of thy heart
Please protect, the priceless
It might need some glue
So fix it for you

Dear holder of thy heart
Please revive, the unending love
I tore it, twice apart

Dear holder of thy soul
Please know I love her
Letting her go
Was worse than trying to forget

Dear lover of my true love
Take care of her
For I love her till this day
Treat her well
Like I should have

Dear husband of my true love
Love her, adore her, and always keep her
Let her strive
Let her live
She's a wild soul, concealed by a broken heart
I hope you still treat her well, I hope
Dream Fisher Jun 2017
Honey is beauty in the eyes of bee holders
With a hive that's guarded by many soldiers
But for me, my love, it is coffee, mate.
In a red container and a label reading Folger 's
No time to brew, so I chew grounds in my teeth
About a half tub a day, let's be honest, I don't sleep.
No 40 winks, not a one, in a blink, that day's done
And I only wrote this because I found the wordplay fun
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