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Sin Apr 2
Liking you
Is a choice

Telling what I felt
Is courage

Being with you
Is peace
Sin Apr 2
Risking everything
By telling the truth

Knowing the consequences
Might hurt

But it free me
It makes me at ease
Sin Jan 25
I crave for your presence
In everything I do
I love reading our past conversation
Coz we have an amazing discussion

But I know my limitations
Coz you're not for me
From the start you made it clear
That we're only a plaything
Sin Jan 1
Started with a Hi
Connection begins
Talking for hours
Uncontrollable smile
Cannot be contained
Followed by a sinful night
Lead to more curiousity
To each others life
I just received a message from the guy that I liked and that message confused me if he wants us to be a real.
Sin Dec 2020
I can't express myself
I want to change
My old habits
From the past

To be free from my cage
That was built
Even before
I was born

The love
That was being denied
From me
Since I start breathing
Sin Dec 2020
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You make me love everything
You make the color shine brighter

I keep trying to fool myself
I keep denying the signs
I keep lying to my friends
That I wasn't falling for you.
I think I'm falling but I still restrict myself not to because I don't want to be caught in a one sided love.
Sin Nov 2020
Each time we talked
Desire is taking over
Talking our next scorching escapade
Aroused my untamed imagination

If only I can move the time
Where I can have you all the night
I'll trade a piece of my soul
Just to satisfy my lust
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