I want to make amends
Maybe try and continue to be friends?
We may not meant to be lovers,
I cannot pretend anymore,
The silent is killing me,
I know this may might seem another trend,
It all depends, really..

Maybe I am just venting out?
Feeling a tad bit guilty of how things ended,
It's only our reality,
I know you missed me dearly;
I am not demanding a recount,
Not demanding for an answer right away,
You're so far away,
No way to reach you.

I just want to make amends,
Stop this circle from happening,
I still want you to be my friend,
You've got a voice,
So speak up loudly,
Don't let your words be shut out;
Over one or two things I've said,
Take my hand now,
So we can walk together and frown.

The very thought of you,
Been playing a tune in my head,
The very thought of you,
Is stuck inside my cocoon,
So hear me out one last time,
Cause it's killing me;
Just give me a little sign,
To know that you're okay,
All I want to do really,
Is to make amends with you.
I guess it's true,
People change when they walk away,
I pray you prove me wrong.

~Rober van Lingen
This is the way we leave today?
I hoped and prayed and called God to say,
It's okay.

I walked past your father and he didn't even look me in the eyes.
I don't want to be friends.
I just want to make amends and leave the past behind,
But this?
Is this the legacy I left behind?

I've done nothing but show respect.
I don't regret but I have to admit,
I didn't expect this.

I've got to say I'm sad and disappointed,
That His words anointed go unspoken.
One could say it's true,

"Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you."

I'd almost say it's religious,
I don't think it's ridiculous to ask,
Take off your masks.

It's a new day.
We don't have to act this way.

~Robert van Lingen
I am a monstrous being
For I have committed many sins,
For the cause of my inner bleeding
Being my lack of making amends,

I'm not seeking forgiveness,
Just the relief of the emotional scaring,
I'm not looking to die missed
But just to die with dignity and meaning,
Daemon Delano Mar 30
Walking through the endless void,
Screaming out I’m so annoyed.
I wish I could stay a spell,
But I’m really not feeling well.

I have made my amends,
All our love was just pretend.
I spend my nights awake and dead,
A hollow shell inside my bed.

I wish I could fly,
Away from this noise!
that you would try,
To stop your ploys.
I want to hear you scream.
I want to see you fall.
I need to hear you scream.
I need to see you fall.

I deserve better than this.
I deserve better than you.
You are a stepping stone.
You aren’t my only one.
I know my heart calls out.
But it’s time, for me to let go.

So leave me be.
Don’t call or text.
I need you to see,
I’m doing my best.
You are a stepping stone.
You aren’t my only one.
I know my heart calls out.
But it’s time, for me to let go.

I know you think I’m your only one.
I know you believe that you mean well.
But you are only holding me back,
And preventing me from being able to heal.
You are but a stepping stone.
You aren’t my only one.
I know my heart calls out.
But it’s time, for me to let go.

I hope you come to see
That you are just in a day dream,
Living a fantasy,
That I’m not able to be your friend.
You are but a stepping stone.
You aren’t my only one.
I know my heart calls out.
But it’s time, for me to let go.
Silverflame Mar 10
You did not want to make me cry
I did not want to say goodbye
oh, I've been a fool for far too long

You did not want to make amends
I did not want to make it end
oh, what can I do to get to you?

I did not get to save your soul
now I'm sitting here alone
bleeding heavily from loving you

And I know that it's way too late
I put my life in your fate
but I'm still smiling here in the dark
Claudia Tara Feb 7
I will not make amends
      for the sake of neatly tied ends.
What belies the lie we accepted,
        what steal sustains the veil we perfected?
I will not make amends,
         for it is broken.

I am outrage incarnate in
      the sorrow laced across my skin
Dripping down my back the sin, created
      by all I once believed to be fated
I will not make amends.

I am indifference in flesh,
     passivity in my blood enmeshed-
there's no Seymour for to feed you,
      no passage for to peer through
I will not make amends.

I am their voices solid made-
   the cries, the lies, the debt repaid
You do but beg- you'll beg no more!
    A change unto the very core,
I will not make amends!

the chain is broken.
Inspired by Shakespear's A mid Summer Night's Dream, fragments of Little Shop of Horrors, and intense anger on behalf of those who suffer.
Dhaara T Jan 2017
She danced in the downpour
Her feet enthused, but eyes were sore
Her head spinning with thoughts galore
Blood rushing away from her core
Trying to erase thoughts that tore
Only to fill up the mind with more

In an attempt of distraction, aloud she sang
And swayed, tapped, increased tempo, whoosh whoosh, bang bang
A swing of hand...crackle...clink, clang clang
A gasp, pause, and an "oh dang!"

Picking pieces, knowing they won't amend
She realized, it was wasting time trying to mend
So instead, she chose to fix what she can tend
In the face of fate, determined, not to bend

The glass nothings she'd picked, threw back the little lot
"For some things can't be fixed", she thought
"And some things can", she fought
And just like that, she found courage, previously unsought
Scattered pieces, gathered thoughts
Ellie Geneve Dec 2016
Don't be afraid
of admitting mistakes
like running on top
a bridge that might break

don't deny your conscious
the possibility of change
some days after you've ignored its voice
you will hear its faint whispers

I promise you,
its never too late to change

Don't underestimate the power
of apologies

I find it fascinating
how one word
can change a person
and his entire world
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