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justine grace Aug 28
In the quiet expanse of time, I find myself grappling with truths and untruths, wondering if I deceive even my own heart into believing I've attained tranquillity. Indeed, I am in a state of well-being, owing to the strides I've taken on this journey of self-betterment. Yet, the undulating waves of emotion persist – highs and lows interweaving like threads in a tapestry. Perfection remains elusive, and perhaps that's the beauty, for I've poured my essence into every endeavour.

Now, as I stand at the crossroads of zero, an architect of my own renewal, I embrace the task of rebuilding from the ground up. Metamorphosis courses through me, rendering me unrecognisable even to myself. Laughter spills more freely from my lips, though occasionally restrained by the shadows of doubt. Tears flow more earnestly, yet at times, I still restrain their cascade. Solitude becomes a cherished companion, a realm I delve into to nurture my soul. Simultaneously, the embrace of friends becomes a celebration of my being, an affirmation of the love I hold for myself in their company.

In this delicate dance, I witness the scales of life gradually finding equilibrium. The pendulum, once erratic, now sways in a harmonious rhythm. The art of relearning tranquillity unfolds before me, a masterpiece in progress, painted with the hues of experience and wisdom.

Time, the patient sculptor moulds each fragment of my existence. And in its embrace, I find solace. For while the road ahead is veiled in uncertainty, I stand here, resilient, embodying the truth that healing is a symphony of seconds and seasons.

And as I mend, I extend to you, a wish that your heart finds solace too. In this dance of existence, in shadows and light – may we emerge stronger, taking flight.
And as I journey towards brighter days, I extend my hopes to you in myriad ways. May your heart also mend and mend anew, in time's healing grace, may you find your hue.
Michael Matthews Sep 2022
Every night I'm reliving my past
Seeing my mental and physical abuse
My time is running out fast
It will not matter what I choose
This is the time to make my amends
For all the wrongs I have done
Before this life comes to and end
And I have to go back to where my life begun
I will lay down in my bed tonight
And know I have talked to God
So my life will be complete
And my soul will be restored.

Written by
Michael Matthews
Jay M Jan 2022
Times of
Tension and anger
Voices raised, and
Fingers pointed, words thrown
Then so stubborn, all well known
Eventually, come to regret

Gripped tightly,
Battling the cold
The icy chill that surrounds
Fighting through confusion
How could any of this be real?

Years ago, times filled with laughter
Playing dominoes on the kitchen table
Watching cartoons in the living room
Telling stories after lunch of days gone
Only to look back, how bittersweet
Holding every memory as you go

Those good, and those bad
Our last real conversation
A battle of heated words
All true, but even so
I cannot let go
Of a guilty end

So, in your final hours
I call across the space
Across the miles between
To say my final words to you
To apologize, to make amends,
To bring up happy memories
The little things really count
Becoming all that's truly
Truly left at all here
In this ever cold,
Empty place

- Jay M
January 17th, 2022
Words from then to now, for you. Today is your last day on this beautiful Earth, your last night with your family. Our last conversation was horrible, and I cut you out of my life...but I was guilty. I called my dad, and he put me on speaker so you could hear me. My last apology to you, my last words to you. Even though you were unconscious, I still wanted to make amends. I brought up happy memories from my childhood, and promised I'd keep that bracelet you gave me, and carry it with me. It's on my bag, where it will stay, and travel with me wherever I go. I can carry a reminder of you with me, always. I'll see if I can read this at your liked my poetry.
colette alexia Sep 2020
I hope you never make a promise
Before you realize what the cost is
And you learn how to make amends

I hope for her sake that you're honest
When you've lost it
And you never try to force a feeling

I hope I never minimize
The dreams I've always had inside
Just to make a man feel taller

I'm thankful and I sympathize
The years I had you by my side
You never tried to make me feel smaller

And still, our distance just grew farther
And still, loving you grew harder
John McCafferty May 2020
At times refrain
to grow with age
Forbear the fruit
enjoy the strain
Much be learnt
in controlling pain

Plenty to benefit from
temporarily being empty

Mind regroups with a system cleanse
Body allowed to make amends
Fasts don't last but our choice remains  and will sustained
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Audacity is when your ****** texts you
To wish you a Happy New Year
Because his therapist advised him to make amends.
The price of breaking my soul
Is more than a ******* text.
Cardboard-Jones Oct 2019
Maybe I can
Howl once again.
It seems, you’re far more damaged…
I’ve been a fool.
If it’s easier
I’ll stand for you.
Tell me when you can howl once more.

If I were you
And I could see the moon,
Maybe I’d understand why you weep.
I’ve been a fool, but I’ll make amends.
I’ll learn how to see.
Tell me if you can’ more.

Don’t abandon your light.
These nights will always come.
You’ll sing again and...
I’ll be the freak
That keeps you company.
Cardboard-Jones Apr 2019
I hope you accept my apology.
I know it’s hard to trust me.
I told myself that I would keep my cool
But I know I’ve just been a fool.
Ashamed of what I’ve turned into.
Though you’ve forgotten me,
I’m missing you.
Do you believe that we can start again?
Make amends?
To where we began?

Ever since you left I wondered
What could I have changed to keep you from running off?
What could I have said to prevent you from becoming lost?
What is it I did to make me just another afterthought?
You wanted something new?
I can be somebody new.
Oh, but you changed your zip code.
Out in Philly in the cold.
That part of me is forever closed.
Charm City’s not the same without you,
I need you back home.
Please just pick up your phone.
Rafael Melendez Nov 2018
Sometimes making amends to someone you did wrong, is moving on.

And hating someone so much, isn't letting go.
I hope you really let go,  because I'm moving on.
A poem for a friend.
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