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Star BG Apr 2019
A guru supplies wisdom willingly
as if its nourishment offered
with no calories.

As if Guru's
smile is condiment,
honor is bread,
and chips are his hug.
After thought to poem one Guru
Star BG Apr 2019
A guru asks a question
knowing the answer
before he asks.
Giving fuel so mind ponders.

A guru speaks
hoping you take it in
as if wholesome lunch
needing to be digested.

A guru throws ball-like
thoughts with a different spin
so it moves in field of mind
to make home run for peace.

Honor the Guru
as they carry smiles
infused with love and wisdom.
Just thinking :)
Yes Dada! I realize I am nothing but I live in ignorance.
I need Thy grace.
I need God's Grace to be liberated from this ignorance.
Without you my Guru, what would I be?
Continue to lead me,
my dear Master to the one reality.
Continue to guide me.
Continue to bless me.
I need you. I can't do without you.
I Love you.
I am nothing.
I know! I realize.
And I realize I don't know what I know.
Only you can make me realize this by opening my 'real eyes',
My Guru, my Mentor, my God on Earth
Seb Tha Guru Sep 2018
Blessed I’ve been with God.
But I’m stuck in the winds.
How much for your soul?
Come pay for your sins.
Nowadays I can’t trust.
It seems so hard to win.
I don’t want to lose myself, amongst these mortal men.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with more dedication.

Stuck within my flaws.
Smoking, have no wind.
Summers over, now it’s cold.
I've lost so many friends.
Nowadays I can’t trust.
And I cannot pretend.
If I ever lose my health, I’ll self destruct again.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with anticipations and dedications.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
You give a try
Honesty got a way

Decently, she stayed

Put her in your eyes

Close it

Only then,
She will never go away.
Genre: Love
Theme: When, small things matter. Customize your way.
George Krokos Apr 2017
When many things seemed to be going wrong
You just then so happened to come along
and lift me up out of my deep sorrow
thereby giving me hope for the morrow.

You also taught me about faith and trust
which in our relationship was a must;
through my self effort and Your saving grace
I yearned to reach for a much higher place.

To get back to where I had fallen from
I would first then have to undo the wrong
of some past karma done in ignorance
which was scored then by disobedience.

Like the story of the prodigal son
who returned home to his father and won
I reflected on those things said and done
at each day's end for a better outcome.

In daily meditation's quietude
I regained confidence and fortitude
for self discipline and transformation
to rise up to that higher life station.

Your helping hand was indispensable
and so very strongly responsible
in saving me then from all of that gloom
I was heading toward failing to bloom.

It would be against so many an odd
that You helped me to gain favour with God
Who was really the One Divine Being
within every person always seeing.
Writen in 2016. The actual theme goes back or refers to my early days on the path.
Bethany G Blicq Mar 2017
is a wall
between you
and an avalanche;
a landslide;
being buried
might be the
best thing
that ever happens
to you.

is a wall
that the shadows
made you build,
by overwhelming you
with darkness
until you felt
Until you felt
Until you felt

The Warriors of Light,
The Warriors of the Rainbow,
The members of the
Church of Love,
The Cathars,
The Yogis,
The Gurus;
The Lovers;
These are only some of the
that are taking down the walls
one by one;
one wall at a time;
one person at a time.

we will overwhelm the
with the light
of our hearts.
Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
Äŧül Nov 2016
I was her unauthorised teacher,
She got bored of my teachings.
I just had the best advice for her,
She thought so too but initially.
Later on, she made mistakes,
Suffered losses, heavy losses.
She blamed me for half-hearted efforts.
Gurupurab (Guru Poorņima) in India.

Full moon day.

A day in Sikhism branch of Hinduism when teachers are paid respect.

HP Poem #1255
©Atul Kaushal
I am my own guru
I listen very well
I don't care what you do
It's never where I dwell

I am my own guru
I listen to myself
I don't care who you do
It's nothing I would tell

I am my own guru
I listen to the truth
it is never from you
That is your own proof

I am my own guru
My road is not yours
The road that I must travel
To help me to endure

I am my own guru
looking at the same
From another point of view
In another game

I am my own guru
I walk inside the light
The same light as you
It's the same way bright

I am my own guru
finding the same way
know them by their fruit
That is all I'll say

I am my own guru
There is no ancient text
That I must read
To get a God complex
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