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Traveler Sep 2020
Learning and evolving
Primitively revolting
Problematic solutions
Ideological institutions

Mergence of shadow
Disassociation of ego
***, ecology, spirituality
Check, check, check

Why am I still broken?
Traveler Tim
Chill-e Sliphop Jun 2020
This energy, blasphemy, how I feel sometimes/
This nightshade I eat, criples my fuccn mind/
They flood our minds, ears, eyes, all our senses ta ****/
Then question why we high, hollin **** a d!ck/
Society speaks, we weak, n always listenin/
Flashbacks a warm blood glistenin, while it’s tricklin/
In my free time, ski mask, that was my me time/
.40s lodged in brick walls, ricochetin off street signs/
I need that rewind/
Humanity, on a decline/
Skated by on project capers, dubs, nics n dimes.

Committed crooked crimes like drunk n!ggas on straight lines/
Crack behind the glovebox, speedin, duckin one-time/
You’ll never know real, slim, till real see you/
You might ****t ya pants, slim, seein real n!ggas bleed through/
Blood, Loc, Folk, we all strivin for hope/
LK, Azteca, Trece/
Que rollo to my folks/
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
All Things Galore
by Michael R. Burch

(for my grandfathers George Edwin Hurt Sr. and Paul Ray Burch, Sr.)

now in your gray presence
you are

somehow more near

and remind me that,
once, upon a star,
you taught me


that ululate soft phrase,
that hopeful phrase!

and everywhere above, each hopeful star

gleamed down

and seemed to speak of times before
when you clasped my small glad hand
in your wise paw

and taught me heaven, omen, meteor ...

Keywords/Tags: family, grandfather, grandchild, grandson, teacher, mentor, example, guide, guidance, guru
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
You taught me to be at peace with myself and make life serene.

Where would I be without my teacher?

Better yet what would I do without you my queen?


Ask for a teacher and they shall appear. Women bring the balance. The yin & yang.
Star BG Apr 2019
A guru supplies wisdom willingly
as if its nourishment offered
with no calories.

As if Guru's
smile is condiment,
honor is bread,
and chips are his hug.
After thought to poem one Guru
Star BG Apr 2019
A guru asks a question
knowing the answer
before he asks.
Giving fuel so mind ponders.

A guru speaks
hoping you take it in
as if wholesome lunch
needing to be digested.

A guru throws ball-like
thoughts with a different spin
so it moves in field of mind
to make home run for peace.

Honor the Guru
as they carry smiles
infused with love and wisdom.
Just thinking :)
Yes Dada! I realize I am nothing but I live in ignorance.
I need Thy grace.
I need God's Grace to be liberated from this ignorance.
Without you my Guru, what would I be?
Continue to lead me,
my dear Master to the one reality.
Continue to guide me.
Continue to bless me.
I need you. I can't do without you.
I Love you.
I am nothing.
I know! I realize.
And I realize I don't know what I know.
Only you can make me realize this by opening my 'real eyes',
My Guru, my Mentor, my God on Earth
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