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Ming Sep 2021
Tied on a rope
The beginning was steered
By none other than me
I gave permission
For I never did learn
Or maybe for a matter of fact
I had learnt to yearn
So much so
My soul became fugitive
With a fear to hold
And nothing to keep
And despite being
A Lover Of Love
I went away
From what kept me gay
Legs that could not last long
On horizontal land
Suddenly had the brawn
To bring me where I had planned
And where I wanted
Was to be faraway
From the warmness and comfort
That was always kept at bay
The said comfort
That only love brings
A song that only
Love could sing
As my eyes swell up
I realised that day
That for a Lover of Love
That is such a foolish thing to say
Ming Sep 2021
Towards the right
A delight
But the light that reflected off it
It blinds me
The people rest
However they may
In a singular fashion
The crows gathered in more than 1
They shuffle
We co-exist
I think the branches fell
With its falling it made a sound
That went along so well with
The wind that became notes
Through the miniature holes up above punctured into the rustling trees
Commuting past me
The people
I don’t remember a single face
The people I had passed by today
I had already forgotten
Under a shaded bench
I asked my friend
If she was doing fine
I wanted to know
But only until I decided it was time to go
The meter was running afterall
I had to return what I had borrowed
I’m sorry
My feet carries me
And it is my feet that I will follow
Ming Jun 2021
Holding onto
The fear of falling
Engulfs me
I am running
Forward at full speed
But it seems I’m only
I search for fancy words
To express how I’m feeling
But maybe the fancy words
Are the ones keeping me
From keeping things simple
My Life, at peace
Free and secured I was
I was not defined
I was just being
To be was my salvation
But now it seems
I am looking elsewhere
I am forgetting my stance
I am forgetting me
I don’t want to forget me
Ming May 2021
When streams are ripe and swelled with rain
Someday when I feel less in pain
I will come around again
Ming Mar 2021
My shoes **** as I trudge down a seamlessly cemented road. The floor, only slightly lighter than the colour Black. Launching into the wide road where the sky more daringly shows itself, the sun, too, exhibits its colour hue. I can see the reflection of orange in you. The sound of cars are not evident but they exist. The traffic light goes green and the rhythm of its beeping escalates in what seems like less than its promised seconds. 5 steps into the humble gantry I have reached Yomiuriland Station. I buy my morning beverage for 100¥. I think of nothing in that repeated moment while fixing my eyes on the orange-reflected clock.
How I remember Tokyo's Yomiuriland Station
Ming Mar 2021
I arch my back
My balance misplaced
My vision shut
Everything seems cold on the outside
But above my anatomy
In between you and me
It feels cordial
Less than a hundred
But feels like a tonnage
Pressed into the surface
I plunge
Greeted abruptly by a wet warm
My sight shutters
1 second to the next
Each view is the same but
Feels like a brand new day
With every blink I grasp
Unbending my framework
Senses heightened
I am Embraced
On the Inside and Out
I am filled
With a said tangible joy
I never felt better
the feeling of being embraced violently
Ming Jan 2021
The things I used to say
About Time
All my preconceived notions
Like salt in water
They dematerialise

You are right for me

Like ripples forming in stale water
In perfect rhythm
Not because they have to
But because it just is

You are right for me
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