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winter 1d
i'll never be able to go through it
without ******* up
it's always me
winter May 20
there is nothing
i can do
there is nothing
left for me
i could leave
right now
and not a thing
would change
winter May 19
"you can tell me anything"
you want me to
confess to
the wrong crimes
winter May 16
i'm bleeding on the blood moon
flowering all the same
its a shame
i had
to let you go this way
winter May 10
my eyes are
the color of the earth
as seen
from far away
winter May 2
I am crossing a threshold
walking home I felt
people in numbers
walking behind me
following the march
something is coming
something still on the way
I can feel it
winter Apr 29
the mushroom council has deliberated
i think they think
its time to take me
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