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winter May 1
deep, quiet and soft
he puts my soul to sleep
like the sun, as it dips over the hill
and my heart, like the moon, it rises

contained, timid, calm
this brittle branch
a twig beneath my foot
his fragile, pressured posture
he seems a birdlike thing until he

sparks- snaps
across the room
lightning on a hot summer day
unexpected, and
explosive, and
that bright, electric beam
winter Feb 26
we are on the spaceship
we are in the battle
no one's getting out
or escaping this fight
winter Feb 26
i can do it
                       i can undo it
winter Feb 17
that we are empty space,
I feel this the most

just the empty
just the space
winter Feb 17
this aloneness has gone so far i can't even conceptualize it anymore
this dark matter
what happens when you shine a light
beyond the event horizon?
what happens when you touch me

i can't even imagine
it having any place to land
winter Dec 2023
the universe, looking at itself
inside itself, looking at its guts
we might be gore
lacking in surgical precision-
the supernature of preserving life on the brink
winter Nov 2023
the scattered wanderer
whipped from my brain and
conjured from deprivation
paces 50 feet behind
but today is getting closer
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