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Seanathon Dec 2019
Skies too small and colorless
Waters too calm and chaos intent
The earth too round, too bound and true
Too much my hopes for you
Dear friend - Tone it down, haha!
Seanathon Dec 2019
Twist and turn, our woven ways
Make gaps no more to close
Let death be the only unweaver of us
Tied to myself, you’re close
Skein is a knitting/knotted thing. Or in this case, a for lifetime kind of thing.
Seanathon Dec 2019
No mountain range is worth the hike with you by side
Nor seat stays warm in conversive pace
Though it’s sad to see wasted such a pretty sunrise
Your particular light is not to my eyesight a pleasant taste
About an old ex from 09
Seanathon Dec 2019
Closing eyes to remain alive
No breath remains intact
With open mind over Pacific ends
No Atlantic hope will last
Seanathon Nov 2019
Where the sea meets the horizons shine
Inquisitive your eyes
Where your hairline meets your eyebrows raised
There also are mine and my praise  

The Vision - A Pretty Girls Brow Is A Horizon Of Sorts (Tess)
Seanathon Nov 2019
Stay your tongue to save discomfort
Stay your tongue and lose forever
The chance to speak of whatever it was
No forever lasts forever  

John Mayer said it best. "Say what you need to say."

The Vision - All The Missed Conversations Avoided Before A Fathers Passing
Seanathon Nov 2019
Falling stars always appear so far
So bright as they burst with their last dying light
How crazy is it to think that we, humanity
May see, but will never feel, their burning light

Just writing about what's beyond the sky

The Vision - That Last Second Sight Of Some Stardust Burning Up
Seanathon Nov 2019
Deep and somber currents cold
Turn beneath a calming surface young
As darkness subsides above as below
No older have I grown

The vision - A Pond Slowly Settling and Freezing
Seanathon Nov 2019
Smooth as softened alabaster
Their scent to you an immeasurable bliss
Where the sun tucks the moon beneath his chin
Rests an endless dream no more than a wish

This series is all about containment. Quick and expressive. My kind of people.

The vision - A Lovers Embrace From South Pacific
Chloe Jun 2017
Words as solid objects
take the shape of moving air
if intention could be felt through skin
what protection would one wear?

Thoughts are heavy objects
to speak them is relief
but the burden collects like leaden dust
around the listener’s feet.

The mind creates these objects
it thinks but cannot speak
and as these objects fill its space
they become the speaker, me.

— The End —