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His eyes were the smearing of ink
On a deep scented, long love letter
His skin was the radiant tint
On a warm, lusted petal
His brilliance brimming was rock-hard
On my 'oh so delicate' heart
His hair were specks of love
In my darkest nightmares
His jawline wore the jewel
The magic key to endless treasure
His hands were generously stemming out
Escalating my earnestness to be a beggar
His physique was the far-sighted temple
Mere sight of which shakes the conscience
As I inched closer , with a racing heart
An illegible fire resisted, tempting me more
As I stepped back, frozen
Yet in his unnerving trap
Clouding him behind his back..
Thank you for reading.
Hugoose Feb 27
Glowing Windows embedded into mouldy brick walls
Ivy climbing the gutters of neighbourhood roofs
Skies becoming burnt out like charred blackened fields

Tall spiny trees project shadows onto the road below
Leaves curl up to receive some weakening light from above
A formation of sputtering cars cling to each turn they decide to make
Cloudy milky light bounces off faulty windows that exhale the aroma of somebodies impending supper

A heavy truck manoeuvres itself into the blistered bitumen horizon
Dry deflated branches make obscene gestures towards passers-by
Gardeners rummage through their bags as they near the end of their working day
Their faces filled with an expired enthusiasm for breathing

Parked hunks of metal pelted with dead itchy leaves
Windscreen wipers hold fragile twigs down against grotty neglected glass
Chain-link fences link disparate housing and the sleeping people within
Some dispirited unsatisfied psychos gaze up as they catch a moving bus

Smoky Incense billows down from some apartment balcony
The air becomes cold and sharply fills these ordinary streets
Engine sounds try to supress the divine quietness
They only merge into it

Now the stars are out and about
Bright specks waddling in an aerial pool of dark blue
You turn the key and walk through the front door
Hopefully you enjoy this, I'm kinda strange about sharing what I write and I get rather shy but yeah enjoy, I'll stop talking now
Celaine Aug 2017
In a universe full of galaxies;
its clusters, superclusters, stardusts
and other heavenly matters in the
twinkling space,
the universe attracted two mere specks of dust in the earth
called mortals
with nothing quite like yin and yang demeanors

In a dark sky brimming with millions of stars,
the earth holds a sea of billion people who wander toward each other.
The universe must have conspired for these
earthly mortals to work their way around each other,
and finally to consign love and affection.

One mortal breathed life with her
shoulder-length hair at a time when her life is still unkept.
She did not know that
love was hiding its presence at the corner of the cold room,
branded with dark ink on his arms,
also concealed in bleak mood.

Love, all of a sudden, made known its presence and
his being to this startled mortal who was clueless
of anything.
Through time, Love altered its image from blonde to black;
and arms now fully covered with ink seemingly from back-to-back.

Somewhere along time and circumstance,
it was as if the universe almost failed its attempt of holding
everything together.
But fate
worked its magic around for two mortals who are
polar opposites to give in to the universe's strong gravitational pull.

Love, at first, failed to deliver on time
and could not have two mortals look straight
to each other eye to eye.

Finally, this mortal deciphered love
revealed through long full lashes which tickles the eyes.
It came with cute laughter,
chubby cheeks and bite-sized
chubby banana fingers.

Love wasn’t weak
for it found the courage to
finally meet his opposite
and carry on his purpose
in the vast mysterious universe.

Love always welcome with arms so strong
and wide open
Despite somber days and
as well as in luminous nights.

Love, surprisingly, came prepared with movie tickets
but decided
it did not want to watch
secret life of pets.

Love has a tiny medicine kit
always kept in a knapsack and
deep in the pocket.
Love was always making sure
they could have the time of their lives and
and accomplish a bucket of wishes written
in a dreamy list.

Love came with such thoughtfulness
and witty nature,
and rational mind,
and feisty feature.
Love came tough with love
and a smile so vivid it would capture you in

Love came with past branded on his arms
but was handed over with a present
through the mortal who identifies herself as shining light.
For the shining light thought
Love really did arrive in time.
Happy Birthday. You are enough, is still enough and have always been enough. :)
sweet ridicule Oct 2015
sitting with my legs crossed
Van Gogh starry night pants on (just the star-part
so really it could be anybody's starry night)
the silver nail polish on my nails
is almost gone
I peeled most of it off
there are just a few round specks
in the middle of each nail
(like my waves of bravery)
weak and futile
the black wooden boards beneath
my feet my calloused fingers
I braided my hair --twice-- tonight
and didn't write my homework
like I should've
instead I was driving 10 miles
under the speed limit
realizing this was caused
by the lack
of aliveness
eating away at my enamel
I would've done it this time
van gogh
Leseywut Apr 2014
I want you to hold me like the tiny specks of dusts
That you chase from the empty room
You give me all your trust
As you inhale every little piece of me beneath the moon

Your lungs, they never settled
They keep struggling
As you held
Every piece I have

Remember that I am fragile
So you carefully place me on your palms
You don't let me be all alone for a while
Cause you know that I may be taken away by the wind that blows
and by that your soul will not calm

You trace the mismanagement I've done on my own
On how I end up being like this, so alone
But still you'll thank me for doing this on my self
For that's the reason you are alive, you said
For the reason that you need to put every little piece of me on your shelf.

— The End —