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Vachaspathi Jan 2021
The central theme of the universe's biggest trilogy (the birth, the life, and death) is love!
Vachaspathi Sep 2020
Riding on the tides of the times;
Your smile was an absolute freeze.
Vachaspathi May 2020
Time is my best friend.
It sprints when you are not around.
And stays still when I'm with you.
Vachaspathi Apr 2020
There is a crater of eternal darkness now where the illumination of your beautiful smiles once triumphed.
Vachaspathi Apr 2020
Your heart yearned for the love made from my wounds.
Vachaspathi Apr 2020
You are my name.
You are my game.
You are my fame.
You are what I became.
Vachaspathi Apr 2020
There is no impasse in the path of love.
The heart always knows its course.
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