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You came to me in infinite numbers when I am aloof and lighted me up as the stars do to the moonless night.
Our amalgamation is paradise.
Vachaspathi Dec 2019
There is a moon and there is a sun.
There are stars and the vast dark matter.
Then there is the shine in your eyes to cut through it all.
Vachaspathi Nov 2019
The stars that revolve around you lighted my darkened soul.
Vachaspathi Oct 2019
Like a knife, she cut my heart into two.
She grabbed one half and left me another.
Never thought sharing would be this blissful.
Vachaspathi Oct 2019
The evening aided it.
The stars witnessed it.
The lips were the culprits.
Their rendezvous point was the magical deal.
Yes, that was a perfect crime!
Vachaspathi Sep 2019
Will you come to me
Crossing the infinite skies and shattering the imperishable barriers?

I am waiting for you on a desolate land to get liberated by your gentle touch.
Vachaspathi Sep 2019
The fiery romance among the thousand guns annihilated the angel's nascent wings.
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