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Amaisha Jan 20
They say I am ill,
That my future stands, still
Too far out of reach
Yet not close enough to feel

My Future,

It's patience is no virtue
It's silence is no gift,
I will claw my way to find it
just to find it doesn't exist.

They will watch with desperate eyes
praying that through all the
destruction and hatred I pass
I will somehow survive
the disguise of my past

My past,

It's soulless smile rips through my skin
Destroying the layer of heaven I built
Constricting my heart of the love I once felt

They say not to live in the past,
or fret of the future
but to stand in the present

But how can I stand when the past
has shaken the ground I am on,
& the future clouded my blue sky with grey?
I wrote this in a time when I honestly felt like I wasn't going anywhere  and that somehow, no matter how much I tried, my past would always catch up to me. I hope you like it and that some of you can relate.. :))
A Wegner Aug 2015
Around me people are moving
Buzzing, swarming, fluttering
And living.
Legs moving but I am stationary
Stationary as a pencil
And my life is being written for me
And every slip outside the lines
Is erased - reluctantly
Not without grudges
Leaving contorting smudges.
And the world around me changes
But I am stationary
And they can live without me.
What's the point of you at all when all they want is a cut-and-paste person. <3
R Dickson Jul 2015
The stationery was stationary,
When the train was standing still,
The stationery was no longer stationary,
When the train started up the hill,

The train was not now stationary,
And the stationery started sliding,
The train was moving fast,
And the pen no longer gliding,

On the now non stationary stationery,
That the pen was writing on,
The pen had suddenly abruptly stopped,
Now that the stationery had gone.
Luna Jul 2014
When I feel the world is moving way too fast,
When the stars disappear and reappear over the horizon in what feels like seconds,
When the moon's gentle crescent curve consumes the black around it and expands in the span of a night -
We’re moving so fast, you and I, we’re falling through space and time
The universe is expanding and we’re falling into the sun
Flying through space at a thousand miles an hour
With the sun hitting us at the speed of light
Life here is infinite, stretching out forever
So when I feel we’re going too fast
I rummage in my accumulated possessions and pull out the most valuable piece
I set up my still forest of ticking trees and clockwork animals
Plant the swaying grass within the everlasting soil

I'll sit in my unmoving meadow
And watch the world stay still

— The End —