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John McCafferty May 2021
Shadows rise to confront the sun,
stationary swirls continue to twirl.
The grey of which is hardly seen,
within those fragments of duality.

Pearls found from darker nights,
gleam direct in this moonlight.
Black and white are convexed,
whilst time itself is condensed.

Golden opportunities appease
those who can view with clarity.
So step aside and think freely,
to see the repeated disconnect.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
John McCafferty Jan 2021
Wood burns from blue flames
Air drawn in does change
Prepared for events to unfold
Stationary held for take off
Past the count of numbers out
Breathing easier now
A transient being announced
Green lady elevates state
Orange eyes merge, lights diverge
Lifted into what seems to be
A tunnel of colourful multiple Vs
Pleasant fate when identity dissipates
No pain, no pressures, no claims
Just white space
Until pulled back into this place
To live a life again
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Seranaea Jones Dec 2020

in case you may not know, it was the last car
at the end of a train, usually it was a red or
occasionally a yellow color which would be
clearly noticed

this car was manned in order to monitor the
train from that end for any issues, particularly
in case an axle from one of the coal cars locks
up and catches on fire

but i guess this feature was eliminated due to
improvements in the wheel assemblies, or maybe
because they had new electronic monitoring for the
crews in the locomotives

if you are under the age of thirty, this may not have
been general knowledge to you since the use of these
cars were phased out sometime in the 1980's, now a
red flashing light signifies the end of the train

you can see one of these cars parked near the city
square just north of the Tennessee/Kentucky
border in Guthrie— there is just enough rail
underneath to hold it braked in place

i think the rails once extended to the mainline
and the car was trapped there when acetylene
cutters terminated its route in either direction.

the men who rode it are now
the ghosts of everlasting

now we have thousands riding the
caboose of their careers amidst
red blaring lights that flash
from all imaginable

many of them sitting motionless
upon routes that go nowhere...

s jones
John McCafferty Nov 2020
Trails of light impair sight
Pulsating snake-like kites
Shine stronger collectively
More from than the left or right
I, cannot see properly
What is in front of me
Peak lightning streaks

Been here before
Status is temporary
Symptoms of brain fatigue
Or excessive use of screens
Warning signs align
Step away from this stationary place
Researching this state
No pain or migraine
Time to vacate by taking a break
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Mansi Mar 2020
They say
On the road of life
The most important
Thing you can do
Is keep walking

I may have missed
The day when
This saying was said

Because I'm right here
In the middle
Of the road
A Wegner Aug 2015
Around me people are moving
Buzzing, swarming, fluttering
And living.
Legs moving but I am stationary
Stationary as a pencil
And my life is being written for me
And every slip outside the lines
Is erased - reluctantly
Not without grudges
Leaving contorting smudges.
And the world around me changes
But I am stationary
And they can live without me.
What's the point of you at all when all they want is a cut-and-paste person. <3
R Dickson Jul 2015
The stationery was stationary,
When the train was standing still,
The stationery was no longer stationary,
When the train started up the hill,

The train was not now stationary,
And the stationery started sliding,
The train was moving fast,
And the pen no longer gliding,

On the now non stationary stationery,
That the pen was writing on,
The pen had suddenly abruptly stopped,
Now that the stationery had gone.
Luna Jul 2014
When I feel the world is moving way too fast,
When the stars disappear and reappear over the horizon in what feels like seconds,
When the moon's gentle crescent curve consumes the black around it and expands in the span of a night -
We’re moving so fast, you and I, we’re falling through space and time
The universe is expanding and we’re falling into the sun
Flying through space at a thousand miles an hour
With the sun hitting us at the speed of light
Life here is infinite, stretching out forever
So when I feel we’re going too fast
I rummage in my accumulated possessions and pull out the most valuable piece
I set up my still forest of ticking trees and clockwork animals
Plant the swaying grass within the everlasting soil

I'll sit in my unmoving meadow
And watch the world stay still

— The End —