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Hayley 5d
Should do,
Would do,
Could do, if I can.
Plates around plates.
Dump your ******* on my shoulders.
My neck slopes low from the weight.
Looking down.
I know, I know.

Small voice,
Weak voice,
Caught voice; does she even care?
Shattered faults.
Dump more ******* between her shoulders.
In years it’ll be too late.
Looking down.

I am, I am,
Melancholy, responsibility.
Delaney 5d
Powerful words of affirmation.
Three words that twist around my heart.
Do you mean them?
You say them.
You want them to be real.
Delaney 5d
A desire I also want.
A passion I look for every day.
Something that should come so easily-
Especially for a child.
Alle 5d
humans move too fast
to truly appreciate our world
we make hasty decisions
that affect and lead our lives
in the opposite direction we want to go
yet we don’t care enough about it
to do anything to change
our harmful ways
we’re living our lives in the now
with no respect for the past we lived through
or the generations after us
who will live with the realisation
of the regrets we didn’t realise in time
— why don’t we realise we’re killing our unborn future?
I should’ve know when you didnt want to talk bout the future that you wouldn’t be here for long
You dodged my questions when I asked about where you saw yourself in five years. About grad school. About moving to New York
You didn’t ask me questions about where I saw myself in five years. About grad school. About moving to New York.

I should’ve known you’d be painfully present when you wouldn’t share about the past
We never did talk about grade school, or skinned knees, bad grades or good teachers

All you ever could think in was the present, and when I started to ask about the future, bout next week, I was no longer welcome in your presence
You vanished and took with you our time together, past tense

So I keep sleeping, to escape the present
Hide behind my covers in broad day light
My dreams take me to a place where the past, present and future are nowhere to be found
And that’s where I’m able to find you, again
Miss Fit Feb 15
So I was thinking aloud I was thinking about
All the evil in the world
And I had my doubts
To an extent of losing words I don't know if that's allowed  
I was thinking of Pandora
Sent by the gods to humankind, but failed to see the best of both worlds
Her disobedience laced curiosity unleashed a plethora
Of all kinds of evils, vices that no words
Can describe. And taught my feet
To follow in her footsteps  
In the beginning there was perfection
In Zeus' higher
Prometheus caused distortion, Stole fire In a bid to assist
A gesture that Zeus would resist
And bestow a punishment of some kind
Eternal ******* with a rock
And sent an eagle to mock
And with its beak poke at his liver
Forever I am many steps behind this offender
But our boats are harboring in the same dock  
Does it not tell the all too familiar story
Of retrogression, so inexplicable
Of evils that come before glory
Only to pave way for peace that is never reachable    

I was imagining Atlantis
And how it must have been the epitome of perfection
The ultimate Utopian sensation
Only to disappear, something seems amiss.
Yet nonexistent is that eminence in the present
All dwelling in the ocean's depth, death so imminent
No more footsteps, no more hands Just faint footprints among the sands  

Yes I was thinking of the reasons for all the unhappiness
That remains mystified,
All the heart breaks
That never seem to be justified,
The feelings of emptiness
That can't seem to be fulfilled,
And how the days of old reveal
What it was like in the ideal
Two halves conjoined
Separated because they challenged the gods
Failing to avoid
Eternal incompleteness against the odds
Who am I to wish for change
My foregangers never even gave me a chance  
Speaking of change
It probably doesn't exist
Not then, not now
Like prisoners in a cave,
Plato tried to reason
All we see is a shadow
Of reality in and out of season
And when we do see the light
Let alone the enlightened. Blinded still
We may,we might,
We most certainly will
Fail to realize our ignorance
Fail and never see the glory days
 We are forever losing our feet
Falling head first
Supposedly moving forward, but realizing the worst
We are steps behind, following in the footsteps of forerunners we'll never meet  

Miss Fit
MawaLin Feb 15
These glacier eyes are fixtated on mine,
gently running down my foreign skin
a stranger...
with a mild kind of tender manner.
A friend...
slowly absorbing me in.
A soulmate...
climbing into the windows of soul.
My future is reflected in your eyes
can you see yours in mine?
Sometimes the warmest colour always burns blue
Ky Feb 15
Each morning I scrub at you;
skin I've forgotten to shed,
film that hardened to shell.

You fall more easily, now.

Dust into my lungs -
not embers;
your taste no longer
scorches my throat.

I know to breathe you out.
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