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Nylee Sep 2019
In the immense serene life
The world is unreachable
The fullest is a small me
For numbers bigger than infinity
I give so little, less than my capacity
I get the same back, why I complain
Waste more time in disdain
Cribbing about unfairness
Comparing me to them.

Final ticks on the clock
Hourglass; a few grains
Might not make sense to you
But I am not insane
Feel the end drawing near
I don't have much time left
I'm okay to move on
Only have one regret

Many mornings passed by
Was in bed wrapped up tight
Fire streaked through the sky
And the day replaced night
An explosion of hues
Fire that God had set
The sky painted for me
Did not see; I regret

Or a clear and cold night
Spent locked up and away
Prisoner in my home
By my choice it's this way
Staring at the TV
Often feel like its pet
Should have stared at the stars
Beauty missed; I regret

An assembly of friends
Maybe family event
It could be something small
Or require repent
Those I love and I know
People I have yet met
Socialize; Interact
Did not do; I regret

I followed my heart
And my dreams were alive
Lived each day to the max
Drinking nectar of life
The potential I had
Wasn't lost on a bet
Fairy tale had come true
Dreaming still; I regret
Written: May 28, 2018

All rights reserved.
Aaryan sachdeva May 2016
It's deeper than you think
Faster than you blink
Brighter than the day
Darker than the night.
Blurier than the rain
Sharper than a knife
Works in different ways
The result is always the same
It retrieves a new topic
For your time to drain
It repeats itself again
After a certain time frame
As much as it works
  as much as it pains
You will never stop believing
In the decisions that it takes.
Just believe in it!
Äŧül Jan 2016
Enough caring about others,
They always let you down,
Abandoning you in the middle.

Don't let any negatives creep in,
It's your life - love it - live it,
Let go of bogus lovers - let go.

Feel the happiness inside you,
In your mind, body and soul,
Let it go - it's fake - it's one-sided.
My HP Poem #990
©Atul Kaushal
Dhaye Margaux Nov 2015

Like a caterpillar that passes through metamorphosis before it becomes a butterfly
Like a rose, beautiful but strong, can make you hate or love
Like the wind, invisible but never leaves you,it's always around
Like the sun that warms but burns when too much beams you have


Just live...
Even the road you are taking is too rough and tough
Even the sky is cloudy and there's a coming rain
Even the sea is wavy and still you have to sail
Even you are afraid to be hurt and feel the pain


Always live...
Remembering the moments of joy and not the misery
Listening to good songs and not the screams of fear
Considering how you stand after hundred times you fell
Believing you can smile and laugh after all the tears


And now you live...
With hopes and dreams, with faith and love
With strengths over weaknesses, peace over strife
With a rainbow-colored picture of a promised tomorrow
With every moment spent to the fullest, be grateful of this life!

Your life...
My life's happening,the good and the bad, my future is my past and my past is my present, those who knows it better call it experience, i can't do anything today because it seems like my future belongs in my past and is hard to convince my present that not that i belong there but somethings somewhere in there went wrong,  that even when my presence presents a present its self before the present,a calling for the future, my past still whisper and terrorize every effort my present pulled through, my future my past im just a middle man who watch the the watch and learned to stay with what my past wronged so my present can enslave my awaiting future,my past is my past, my present is my future
Accept and live with what you can't change
Kyle Dickey Jan 2015
Suns Rise,
I love the sunrises,
The way the breathtaking light creeps across the sky,
They enfold into something beautiful,
So many colors,
So much passion,
They engolf the darkness,
It's a trutly heart stoping sight that not many take the time to see,
It goes until there's nothing but light left,
Then as the sun becomes tiresome,
It crawls to it's sleep on the other side of the sky,
The light slowly fades into so many bright and beautiful colors,
So pretty yet so sad,
Sad this beautiful day is over,
But there's always the memories,
Suns Set.
You must live every sunrise and sunset as if it's your last, this doesn't mean go out and party all the time; no this means go to your loved ones, tell them how you feel. Tell them you love them and spend time with them because this could be your last sunrise or theirs. So live and thrive. See the sunsets and sunrise, admire the beauty with the love of your life and enjoy.
Elijah Nicholas Nov 2014
Impulsive, and reckless, but never stupid.
Aizzur Festejo May 2014
Life is short
Don't you think?
That's when you
Look back and sit.

Life is definitely long
Don't you agree?
That's when you
Live the fullest out of it.
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