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Kyle Dickey Nov 2016
I used to be the only one right to make you laugh,
now only the memories are left to make me smile.
Kyle Dickey May 2015
Tonight is Friday night
Nothing special, just you and I.
Yet it just seems right,
On this night things seem to change.
Even though on the outside,
we remained the same.
We share a gaze for hours but seemingly minutes until...
You cuddle in close,
I hold you ever so tight.
Until our lips meet,
the first kiss of mine.
Kyle Dickey Mar 2015
In the start you have nothing,
Excluding many excuses on "why not."
There is no real reason not to,
There will be other parties,
Other reasons,
Other friends;
However, if you continue this path of shattered priorities there will be nothing for you in life.
Nothing but sorrow and regret.
The things worth it in life are never easy but are going to pay off one day,
But that day will never happen until you apply yourself.
Kyle Dickey Feb 2015
The one I thought I loved has come and gone,
More will come but none true love beyond,
The ones bold enough to take a look inside,
Become mesmerized,
Lost in every word of mine,
But the love they feel is one sided,
This feeling in which they have confided,
Will turn cold just as I did,
And ill break their heart without even blinking an eye lid.
Kyle Dickey Feb 2015
I just want to use your love tonight,
I don't want to loose your love tonight.
Want to hold my head high,
Keep you close and by my side.
Want to hold you tight,
Never want to fight.
But from me you hide,
Don't know you yet but you'll be the light of my eye.
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