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Jan 2015
Suns Rise,
I love the sunrises,
The way the breathtaking light creeps across the sky,
They enfold into something beautiful,
So many colors,
So much passion,
They engolf the darkness,
It's a trutly heart stoping sight that not many take the time to see,
It goes until there's nothing but light left,
Then as the sun becomes tiresome,
It crawls to it's sleep on the other side of the sky,
The light slowly fades into so many bright and beautiful colors,
So pretty yet so sad,
Sad this beautiful day is over,
But there's always the memories,
Suns Set.
You must live every sunrise and sunset as if it's your last, this doesn't mean go out and party all the time; no this means go to your loved ones, tell them how you feel. Tell them you love them and spend time with them because this could be your last sunrise or theirs. So live and thrive. See the sunsets and sunrise, admire the beauty with the love of your life and enjoy.
Kyle Dickey
Written by
Kyle Dickey  Troy
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